I give you my word…

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I believe I have a reputation of being reliable. If I say I am going to do something, I WILL do it. Mmm…that is not always the case.

Being reliable and true to my word is very important to me. I get offended if people do not trust me – even when they have only just met me. That is a tall order, on my part.

What does it really mean to give someone your word? I want to instill trust and confidence in my ability to follow through on what I say I will do. I seriously consider all that is involved and make a commitment to carry it through. So, what happens if I let myself and others down? I feel quite upset with myself if this happens. I have been battling with this experience today and reflecting on why it seems such a BIG issue to me.

On reflection, I remembered a time in my early twenties. I was working at an hotel – cleaning and cooking. It was really hard work and there was so much work to do in a short time. I was exhausted. A long weekend was coming up and I just felt I couldn’t continue and I gave in my notice. The hotel owner was really upset with me, understandably, as I left her without the staff needed for the busy weekend. The Shamrock Hotel Echuca is where I was working.

I went home feeling really bad, guilty and ashamed. I thought about it and decided to go back and tell her that I would help  her over the long weekend. She told me, in no uncertain  terms, that I would not be welcome there again. Now I felt even worse. That feeling of being ashamed has stayed with me – I don’t really understand why.

Is it ok to disappoint people and put our own needs first? I confess to being a people pleaser for most of my life. Does this mean I can never change my mind about something and inconvenience someone else? In thinking about this topic today I concluded that I am not  perfect. That is not news to me – however it is not a major crime! I have disappointed people in the past and probably will do so again, but I will do my utmost to keep my actions true to my word, most of the time at least!




  1. My father taught me that life is always in transition–one never knows? The only thing that is really yours is your word. Following through on what you promise is a difficult practice, but, in my opinion, it is the ultimate reciprocity that honors and shows respect for others. Great post!

  2. A good reflection topic…..You have to do what is right for yourself and if it means upsetting someone, perhaps it was meant to be? Destiny you know?

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