A poem from my past

Cover of "The Consolations of Philosophy&...

Cover of The Consolations of Philosophy

 I wrote this poem in 1986. I decided to share it through my blog today. I would love to start writing poetry again. Sometimes it is a vehicle for expressing feelings that are difficult to write about. This poem has no title.

Your love, so new and fresh and giving

Came to me

Gave me a reason for living

What joy, ecstasy…

But now, gloom…

The sky is grey, my heart aches

It twists within me

What pain, sorrow…

In desperation I ask why?

Time and time again I cry

I get angry and curse you

Then sob and desperately want you.

But now it is over

Energy is all gone

No longer have I a reason to live

I died within.

(Lorraine 1986)

Isn’t it amazing the effect that love and loss has upon us. Surprisingly though, we come back for more. I can recommend reading a book by Alain De Botton, called The Consolations of Philosophy. He talks about many philosophers but one in particular really spoke to me about the types of emotions expressed in my poem above. The philosopher is Arthur Schopenhauer and he was born in Danzic in 1788 and died in 1860.

Schopenhauer helped me to understand the evolutionary power of love and attraction and how it is so important for the continuation of our species. He says we should not be surprised at the enormity of our feelings of love and joy but also of the pain that comes from lost love.

Knowing that these emotions are all part of being human, makes them a little easier to accept.

All good wishes


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