A time to remember those we love

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Christmas time! We panic as the days and weeks fly by and we have so much to do. We have cards to send, presents to buy, people to visit. We worry that we may have forgotten someone or something.

It can be a lonely and a sad time for some people who are far from those they love. I lived a long distance from my extended family however I always found ways to make the most of the Christmas season with my three lads. Little traditions like setting up the Christmas tree, making the Christmas puddings, counting the sleeps until Santa comes.

I came across a little poem I would like to share with you today. It is called “Those We Love” and  written by Dorothy Quick in Philosopher Reflects and first published in 1955.







They say the earth is round – and yet

I often think it square,

So many little hurts we get

From corners here and there;

But there’s one truth in life I’ve found

While journeying East and West,

The only folks we really wound

Are those we love the best.

We flatter those we scarcely know,

We please the fleeting guest;

And deal full many a thoughtless blow

             To those we love the best.


As I reflect on many people in my life today and those in years past, I hope that I haven’t dealt any “thoughtless blows” but have been a faithful friend and family member. If I have failed and hurt you in some way, my humble wish is for your forgiveness and a fresh start.

With my good wishes to “those I love the best” and to all my fellow bloggers 🙂




  1. This has definitely struck a chord with me. I am very guilty of taking things out on those I love. If I am stressed, tired, ill or fed up, I can be known to snap at those I love and make them feel bad too.

    This blog and the poem you feature definitely makes me think!

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