Are you ok?

English: An Australian Christmas tree

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It is well known, but easily forgotten, that lots of people really do it tough at Christmas  time. It is filled with all sorts of emotions and experiences that can be more intense than at other times of the year. It is not restricted to age limits, finances or family status – some people just get really down at Christmas time and find it to be overwhelming.

Maybe we are separated from those we love and are nostalgic about how Christmas used to be. We worry that our children, parents or friends may be disappointed at what we have chosen for them. I think it is really tough for single parent families (and single people as well) at this time of the year, for many reasons.

If you are feeling down or lonely, remember that the time will pass and life will get back to some sort of normality before you know it. You might like to think about members of your family, friends or work mates and give them a call, a text or email, to see if they are ok and let them know you are thinking of them. It all helps.

There is a program in Australia run by beyondblue  (click on the link) and they suggest we ask each other this simple question: R U OK? It might open the door for that person so say that, no, they are NOT ok and are really, really glad that you asked.

There have been times in my life we I have needed that sort of support. I am very grateful that I have so many good things in my life today. If I take one day at a time – all is well 🙂

Take care



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