Life’s simple pleasures

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Do you know what makes you happy?

Sometimes it is the simple things that can lift our spirits. I love being among nature, such as:

  • I love watching the ebb and flow of the tide at the beach
  • birds, wild-flowers, deserts, autumn leaves
  • watching a willow tree overhanging the river’s edge
  • feeling the breeze in my face
  • seeing the city lights at night-time
  • enjoying fruit that is in season: cherries, apricots, grapes, mangos, peaches and nectarines – even an orange can be special

I also get pleasure from the following experiences:

  • flying in a small plane  – exciting 🙂
  • going for a brisk walk or a leisurely one
  • sitting on a swing
  • driving in the country
  • helping others meet their goals

I love it when I experience the following:

  • a nice dinner is cooked for me and I  am waited on
  • listening to the honesty of young children
  • listening to good music and/or singing with friends
  • listening to the rain on the roof tops
  • being with family and friends
  • reading a good book
  • getting a good night’s sleep

I also feel great when I do something like:

  • a piece of writing comes together
  • assisting bringing about some sort of change by political lobbying
  • having a nice, clean and tidy home
  • completing a task successfully
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I also like to collect some things, particularly miniatures, such as bone china tea sets.  I also collect stamps, post-cards and coins.

So what sort of things or interests, help lift your happiness rating? Sometimes it can be something really simple that can make us smile and give us that warm fuzzy feeling! It may be some stranger at the shops who takes a moment to smile and greet you in a friendly way. That happened to me yesterday.

Until next time


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