About being brave and strong

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I reflected on a couple of WordPress suggested topics about bravery and strength. Do they go together? Let’s look at the dictionary definitions from the Compact Oxford English Dictionary.

  • strong: physically powerful; done with or exerting great force; able to withstand great force or pressure; secure, stable or firmly established; great in power, influence or ability to be brave: to face and to endure danger, pain or difficulty; endure or face unpleasant conditions  with courage.
  • brave: to face and endure danger, pain or difficulty; endure or face unpleasant conditions with courage.

In my experience, the ability to be strong and brave  “kicks in” when I face a fight or flight situation and the adrenalin runs through my body. It is not often that I am chased by wild animals in the jungle these days 🙂 however I can be brave and strong when I am pushed beyond my limits. Fortunately that situation doesn’t happen very often.

There are times when I recognise the reality that if something is going to be, it is up to me to make it happen. I am better at fighting a cause for others than I am for myself. As a parent, I nurtured and protected my children as well as I could and I will still spring to their defense if needed. That is a natural response.

I can be brave and strong when I see an injustice. I believe we all have rights that need protecting and that some vulnerable people need protecting even more than others. I lean more to being merciful than dealing out justice. Everyone has their story and deserves a chance to be heard and understood. There ARE limits to that, of course, but it is hard to define where…

Sometimes our circumstances throw us to a place where we need to be brave and strong. I believe these attributes exist in all of us, maybe in different measure. I consider myself to be a strong person but I am not physically strong so I stay out of physical combat! We can be strong in character, beliefs, compassion, service to others, intelligence, faith, resilience, innovation and so on.

So, where do I go to be brave and strong? I go within. Sometimes I seek God in that space and sometimes I seek determination and perseverance.

Where do you go to be strong and brave?