Month: January 2012

Why blogging is important to me

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My blogging journey has a few twists and turns, steps forward and steps backwards, sometimes around in circles. It is true that I write to express some of my¬† inner most thoughts, feelings,¬†fears and ideas, however I don’t want this blog to be one long rumination into “who am I and what am I doing here?” That is ok for a journal that I can write and no-one ever sees. My blog is for sharing […]

Weekly photo challenge – simple

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For this post I had one simple thing in mind. I remember finding it at the beach one day (don’t remember where) when I was feeling overwhelmed with life. I picked up this object from the beach and studied it. The more I looked, I could see its simple but intricate beauty. It has been a little reminder to me to keep things simple – that there are simple treasures to be found and I […]

A poem by A.S.J. Tessimond

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Reading one of my poetry books today (Mainly Modern published by Rigby) I found a poem called Houses, that¬†I would like to share with you. It is a bit obscure but I felt that the poets words said something important about the human condition. It is fairly dark and speaks to me about vulnerability. Can you see it from any other perspective? HOUSES People who are afraid of themselves multiply themselves into families and so […]

Le boyer method of childbirth

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It is my son’s birthday today. He was born in 1980 at the Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre in Melbourne. It was a teaching hospital and I remember my bed being surrounded by a large group of student doctors while the head doctor pointed out many of the finer points of my¬† progress (and my anatomy!). There is no shame once giving birth. The popular birth practice at the time¬†was the Le boyer method. It was […]


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Writing can be very cathartic. Recently I wrote a post about my experiences with¬†God and faith – when reflecting on it after I published it, a thought came to me about forgiveness. It was staring me in the face and I didn’t see it. Sometimes we get hurt and are so absorbed in the hurt that we cannot see any other perspective. I am referring to the time my husband walked out and the church […]

William Blake

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Today I found one of my favourite poems. It speaks to¬†me about not holding on too tightly to the people and things we love. It is called “Eternity”. It is a well known poem by William Blake, written in 1863 and it goes like this: He who binds himself to a joy Does the winged life destroy But he who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in eternity’s sun rise When we love someone […]

School days

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I hated school from the very first day, well, even before that at Kindy. I found it to be really scary to be around all these new and strange people. I didn’t want my Mum to leave. She accepted that Kindy was not going to happen! The next year though, I had to attend school – it was compulsory. My grandfather drove Mum and me to St Mary’s Primary School. Grandpa waited in the car […]

God and faith

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I once had a strong faith in a loving God and it was integral to my life. I attended a Catholic School for seven years and this provided a foundation¬†of belief. I was President of the Young Christian Students for our region at one point. It wasn’t for very long though because I had a big “fall from grace” (another story sometime) experience where priest asked me and a small group of others to end […]