New Year, new theme and Blog 2012

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I must say I feel some loss at the close of the Post a Day 2011 Challenge – I fell out of the WordPress nest and I am flapping my wings and hoping for a safe landing. Well, maybe that is a bit melodramatic, but I do hope I will keep in contact with people I engaged with in 2011. The prompts from Daily Post were a good reminder to keep blogging – I really enjoyed the suggested topics too.

I like to change my theme and layout for my blog now and again – change inspires me. Does it have same effect on you or do you like to stick with what you know? I guess I like some of both.

I will add a new tag to my posts – Blog 2012 – I hope it will be easy to find in the blogosphere 🙂 Technology continues its exponential growth and I am running to keep pace – I want to keep pace!

Well I have made my personal resolutions for 2012 and they include the following:

1. Focus on my diet and make sure it is healthy. Take vitamins and minerals specifically for me

2. Focus on my exercise – three walks per week for a minimum

3. Imagine a positive and content life in the future (including my partner, friends, family, neighbours, blogging, writing and other interests etc)

4. No pretending, defending or making excuses for myself or anyone else – be the real me. What you see and read of me on my blog is pretty much who I am – what you see is what you get :-). I am a bit more conservative in the real world when it comes to telling my stories.

5. Enjoy my new studies and complete the work on time plus get at least a Credit for each unit (but most of all, enjoy it!)

Have a great year for 2012!



  1. Love the new look! Here’s to a very happy and peaceful 2012. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your antics when I can, and will continue throughout the next year. Life’s exciting! Each day is a new page……

    • Thanks nuvofelt – I hope your year ahead is a wonderful, ongoing journey 🙂 I look forward to hearing your tales as well 🙂


    • Hi Cocomino

      I am glad you like the new theme. I liked your blog today about visiting the Temple for New Years Day. Thanks for sharing your culture and enriching my experience of your part of the world.


  2. I love this new template… It is gorgeous. Good for you! ♥Happy ♥New ♥Year ♥ & TY for the blog friendship! 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth

      Thanks for your lovely comments and for your efforts in encouraging many of us new bloggers.


  3. Love the new theme. I know what you mean about feeling like the safety net has been torn away! I wasn’t sure how to tag my posts this year either. postaday2011 was so easy! Good luck with the year, your resolutions sound great and I know you can do them. 🙂

    • Hi Claire

      I am pleased you like the theme. It is good to have a change now and again – it gives a new perspective.


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