I am officially excited

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Today I officially enrolled in my writing course. I didn’t realise I could do it online. I had waited for a letter in the post!

I will be doing four units over twelve months. It is an online course with no face-to-face contact. I didn’t research the course very thoroughly so there is a little apprehension. It is much easier to take on a challenge if it is what I want – so I hope I got it right 🙂

The course consists of four units and they are:

  1. Writing Technical, Scientific and Business Reports
  2. Writing Applications, Tenders and Proposals
  3. Production, Editing and Design
  4. Communication Practices.

They DO sound interesting! I did similar work during my career with the Government so hopefully it won’t be too challenging. A little bit of challenge is ok but not too much!

People ask me why I don’t do a Creative Writing class. There are a few reasons, with the main one being I am not comfortable in that area. To be creative I would have to loosen up a bit, let my imagination flow, get totally absorbed in the process – I find that to be a bit scary. Also, the course I have chosen may offer earning potential down the track, without having to write a novel!

I read more non-fiction books. I like my books to be about real people and real stories. That is why I like to read autobiographies. I sometimes enjoy a good detective novel or mysteries for a change. I am now re-reading “1984” as my son downloaded it onto the Kindle he very kindly gave me for my birthday. I find it interesting (and a bit gloomy) to be looking back at 1984 and not looking toward the future. It was first published in 1949 and written by George Orwell.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get started on my study in February. I only work  part-time so it won’t be a problem finding time to do the work.

 I actually started a Uni course with this same university in 1985. I withdrew from it due to the demands of being a single-parent of three young sons. I never dreamed that the opportunity would arise again and I am really grateful for the opportunity.

Have a great day!




  1. Sounds perfect. We need good writers of technical stuff! I mostly read non-fiction too, and some of it is very badly written. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    • Thanks for dropping by once again. No doubt I will want to write about my course throughout the year. I appreciate your interest.

      Lorraine 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth – I am sure I will write some blogs about my study! I am not sure how much work will be involved but it sounds great.


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