I sometimes forget

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Blog 2012 / Friends and family / Philosophy / Self acceptance / Wisdom

 I sometimes forget important lessons. For example:

  • I have much to be grateful for.
  • No one is perfect – including me – and that is OK!
  • Feelings are just feelings – neither right nor wrong – just feelings. It is what we do with them that matters.
  • I needn’t give too much thought to what I feel at any one time as it changes like the weather and it is wasting energy for me to delve inwardly too often.
  • I have a choice in how I think – I can choose to be positive or negative about things and life overall
  • It is important to keep on trying and not give up. Giving up  is not a good place to be – just keep going…
  • Work is good for me – in fact, I need to be busy doing something productive, most of the time, otherwise I stagnate
  • Money can buy “things” but it can’t bring lasting happiness.
  • As humans, we all experience similar fears as well as joys. We are not alone in whatever we are experiencing.

That is about all I can remember about what I forget. I am sure there was more….


Lorraine 🙂


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