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School Days (1907 song)

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I hated school from the very first day, well, even before that at Kindy. I found it to be really scary to be around all these new and strange people. I didn’t want my Mum to leave. She accepted that Kindy was not going to happen! The next year though, I had to attend school – it was compulsory.

My grandfather drove Mum and me to St Mary’s Primary School. Grandpa waited in the car while Mum came to the classroom with me to hand me over 🙂 I didn’t want to have a bar of it and I threw a big tantrum and started hitting out at my new teacher, Sister Kevin (now if you can understand why a woman would choose to be called Sr Kevin I would love to know). Surprisingly my Mum didn’t give in to my performance this time and I had to stay there. My family never let me forget the scene I caused on the day I started school!

The nuns were very strict and severe. We were reprimanded with a leather strap or a wooden yard ruler. We were driven  to submission. It was pretty awful most of the time, but we all fell into line as we didn’t have much choice. What I did enjoy was the learning experience and I was competitive with the other students. I loved “mental maths”and spelling most of all.

It is 45 years since I started High School. This was a government school so it was very different to Catholic environment I was familiar with. I mention the 45 years because there is a reunion coming up in March and I will be going along. I haven’t seen most of my school buddies since I left school. I have lived thousands of miles away since 1983.

Have you been  to a school reunion? I would love to hear other people’s’ experiences of revisiting old school friends (and some not so friendly). I feel a bit nervous about going. Will I recognise people? Will we be shocked at how much we have changed or how little?

I wonder if we will compete in telling stories about what we have done with our lives. Will we be honest or try to paint a prettier picture than the reality? I wonder too, if we will share stories about people who aren’t there. One of them is my good friend Rina. Rina died of breast cancer before she turned 40. Prior to her death, we exchanged email addresses and kept in touch that way for some time. We did manage a face-to-face catch up in Sydney before she died.

Please share your experiences of school reunions. I guess it is curiosity that drives us to attend these things, like “I wonder what ever happened to so-and-so. Did they ever live out the dreams?”  I will tell you more about it after the event in March. I am sure there will be some good material there for stories and photos!

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7 thoughts on “School days

  1. I never had the chance to attend such reunion because I left my hometown and visit rarely..I wish I had though…I will be looking forward to your post about your reunion experience 🙂 Have fun!

    BTW, sorry about your friend Rina.

  2. Lorraine. Your connections with Rina touch me. I confess I have never been to a formal reunion. I live ~ 3000 miles from my hometown on the other U.S. coast. Still, I have high tolerance and high enthusiasm for my past. That has been one of the wonders of Facebook and the internet for me. Last year my high school boyfriend and I reconnected over my mother’s death – not a romantic rekindling (we are both happily married w/ overstuffed lives ), but a good touch between two people who were very close at sensitive age. And my h.s. bff and I are in touch across the miles every single day via email . Then this week I talked to my best friend from first grade – after 44 years ! My family moved to a different state by second grade and we lost contact. The years melted and in a 45 minute non-stop conversation which sprinted chaotically between past and present with a lot of laughing, we set a plan to meet in March. My experience with one on one reunions has been like that. Tasty bits from the past with a lot of the present. For most of us, once we hit a certain age there is a lot of humility and empathy both for our younger selves and for who we are today. You seem to have a good sense of adventure for your reunion. Enjoy. And do report back !

    • Hi zellabea, welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing your experience about reunions. I particularly like the part about humility and empathy 🙂

      Thanks also for your empathy regards my friend Rina. It would have been her birthday on 16 January.

      PS I am off to have a look at your blog now 🙂

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