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The tree of forgiveness

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Writing can be very cathartic. Recently I wrote a post about my experiences with God and faith – when reflecting on it after I published it, a thought came to me about forgiveness. It was staring me in the face and I didn’t see it.

Sometimes we get hurt and are so absorbed in the hurt that we cannot see any other perspective. I am referring to the time my husband walked out and the church we belonged to, abandoned me – didn’t want to know me! That was about 29 years ago and it is only now that I realise that I am still hurt (and unforgiving) about not getting any support at a time I needed it most.

Today I can remember the people involved and ask myself, “what was going on in their lives at the time? Were they struggling with their own life circumstances? Were they fixated on a view-point at the time, that may or may not have changed since then? Perhaps they did try to support me and I wasn’t aware of it due to the stress I was under?”

I may never know the answers to those questions, but I think it is time I let go of the past hurt and disappointment and have some compassion on those concerned. Holding on to it is of no use to me anymore.

I got through the difficult time and life is good now. I am grateful the opportunity to forgive has presented itself and I grasp it with both hands and let it go freely with open hands.

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