Le boyer method of childbirth


It is my son’s birthday today. He was born in 1980 at the Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre in Melbourne. It was a teaching hospital and I remember my bed being surrounded by a large group of student doctors while the head doctor pointed out many of the finer points of my  progress (and my anatomy!). There is no shame once giving birth.

The popular birth practice at the time was the Le boyer method. It was the beginning of many trends to make birth a more positive experience for mother and baby. My new son was given to me to hold immediately he was outside of the womb and before the cord was cut. He instinctively started looking for breakfast 🙂 Amazing!

The next part of the process was to place him in a tank of very warm water – similar to what he had known for the previous nine months. His father held him in the water and was so distracted by all the excitement I had to point out to him that the head should be OUT of the water. Drowning newborns is not part of the Le boyer tradition!

I was only in hospital for about 36 hours. We went home to continue as if nothing had changed. I carried my son everywhere in sling where he was kept close to me while he slept and I worked or shopped. He was a good baby with a lovely temperament. He was also a good sleeper.

He grew up to be a lovely person and he still enjoys a hug. I hope he has a great birthday and many happy days ahead of him.



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