Why blogging is important to me

so many interesting blogs around the world!

My blogging journey has a few twists and turns, steps forward and steps backwards, sometimes around in circles. It is true that I write to express some of my  inner most thoughts, feelings, fears and ideas, however I don’t want this blog to be one long rumination into “who am I and what am I doing here?” That is ok for a journal that I can write and no-one ever sees. My blog is for sharing with others, so I hope to rise above rumination! Sometimes it is harder than others 🙂

I started blogging to practise writing often and seem to have achieved that. Over the past 12 months I have posted around 250 topics. I really love doing the Weekly Photo Challenge too – that is a bonus because initially I had no interest in photography and now I get a real buzz out of it.

Today I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs. I subscribe to a diverse range of blogs and I really get a lot from each of them – the occasional sharing of an idea, a fear or a belief – a meeting of minds. Thanks to those of you who read mine.

Sometimes I love to share a poem through my blog. That is another bonus for me as I had forgotten how much I enjoy poetry and now I find myself poring over a poetry book for hours until one resonates with me. Sharing photos in my regular blogs is fun, however most of my electronic photos are of family and friends – I am slowing building a bigger choice of photos to use with my daily posts.

I wish I was funnier than I am  –  I would love to write blogs that brought a smile to people’s  faces 🙂

The greatest thing about blogging for me is to have an avenue to:

* express an opinion

* share an experience

* express my feelings

* tell a story from the past

* share a poem or some wisdom found in philosophy

* to converse with like-minded people

* learn about other parts of the world through the blogs I subscribe to (thanks Cocomino for  your fantastic blog about Japan!)

* contemplate some of the big questions in life

These are some of the many reasons that keep me blogging along. What inspires you to keep blogging or reading?

cheers for now


4 thoughts on “Why blogging is important to me

    • Cocomiino – it is a pleasure. I think what you are creating with your blog is so valuable. Very little is known about Japanese culture and it is so interesting and exotic compared to the western lifestyle in Australia.

      Best wishes

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