Month: February 2012

Surfin the Web

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I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction in writing my blog. Sometimes I don’t have much to say. Today is one of those days! There are so many interesting things to do each day, and so little time. So today I am posting another song and lyrics from musician and family friend, Don Wright. This one is called Surfin the Web. I hope you like it.  Click on the title below and enjoy the experience of Don’s original work. Surfin […]

Weekly photo challenge – Indulge

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I invite you to indulge me in providing a themed post on Swansea in Wales. Thanks to Wikipedia for the public domain photos and to our talented friend, Don Wright, for creating the original piece of music, writing the lyrics and being the musician as well. I hope you enjoy this presentation. Just click on the song title, Swansea Bay, to hear the song. Relax and enjoy the journey. Swansea Swansea Bay When I was a boy I used to roam Through […]

Never too old to learn…

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These past few weeks I have been getting myself organised to start Uni next week. It is exciting and a bit scary too! I didn’t have the opportunity to go to Uni when I left school. I didn’t consider it as an option. When I was growing up the expectation was to: go to teachers’ college to become a teacher go nursing work in an office work in a shop I had no idea what I […]

Original music and lyrics by Don Wright

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Today I would like to share some beautiful music with you. A friend of ours wrote the music and the lyrics to this song, one among others I will share at later date. I hope you enjoy it. Just click on the title, relax and enjoy some good and original music and vocals.                                                                                            Here and Now  Spent a lifetime looking for an explanation Still don’t know just what the questions are Such a neat little twist […]

Weekly photo challenge – Down

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Meet some of the locals DOWN UNDER At work this morning there was a small mob of kangaroos really close to my office. I was wishing I  had my camera with me. Lucky for me, my work colleague, Associate Dean, Dr Wendy Giles was able to come up with “some that she prepared earlier!” These kangaroos live in the vicinity of the University and allow us to share the space with them:-) I am lucky […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Down

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The losers of the Australian Football League Grand Final were the Sydney Swans in 2006. This photo captured the  few moments after the final siren sounded. The winners were my team – West Coast Eagles! It was a really close game and very exciting. Sydney Swans DOWN and OUT The next photo is of my grandson when he was one year old. He was watching the bigger kids on the slides and swings – I don’t […]

Who are THEY?

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  Have you ever noticed how often we hear the word THEY and just accept it without question?  I know that I do and often it is quite harmless. I need a word to express my individuality as compared to others (THEY). Fair enough? I think it can be unhelpful and dangerous, to ourselves and others, when we over generalise or stereotype. Some simple examples include: conservatives don’t care about the unemployed unions are slowing down production […]

Fitzroy Crossing in the 1980’s

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In December 1982 our family moved from Melbourne, Victoria to Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The photos you see are from around that time. It is situated about 400 km east of Broome and is about 2,524 km from the state capital of Perth. The population was predominantly Indigenous and we came there to work in the community store. My former husband was there to help the manager as storeman. In 2006 the population of the Fitzroy Crossing town-site had grown to around […]

How to tell when your kids have grown up

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Here are a few clues to knowing when the kids have grown up: One son, 6 foot 3 inches tall and 28 years old, tells me he knows how to cross the road without my advice and complains about hoon drivers on the highway another son (6 foot 1 inch tall and 31 years old)was complaining that his  work mates drink too much yet another son (6 foot and 36 years old) needs an afternoon nap when I don’t… Alert to […]

All I want is a room somewhere…

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I love to listen to music as I drive. Recently I listened to a new CD I  purchased through a Rotary Club. It was a fundraiser that showcases a young girl with an amazing voice. She sang songs from My Fair Lady, such as, All I want is a room somewhere plus some from the Sound of Music. My Mum loved this song. I used to wish I could give her all she desired (such as “lots of chocolate […]