But you’re in the computer Grandma!

In March 2011 I caught a plane from Perth WA to Wodonga in Victoria. I think it is about 3000kms across the country. I visited my son, my daughter-in-law and my two grandsons, aged three and one. In July this year they will turn 4 and 2! I haven’t seen them in the past year and I really miss seeing them growing up and developing little personalities.

The family have now moved again and are living in Townsville in Queensland – about 5000kms away! There was only one thing to do – learn how to Skype. Now, as you can imagine, two little boys don’t like to sit still in front of their computer for more than 10 seconds at a time. I try to think of things that will hold their attention and hopefully  get them to know who I am.

I love miniature tea sets and so today I produced my little cups and saucers and asked the three-year old if he would like a cup of tea, as I held it out to him. He initially went to take it from me, hesitated and said, “but you are in the computer Grandma!” I thought that was very cute however he quickly caught on to the game and went and found his own tea set!

The younger of the two boys is happy to wave hello and goodbye as he wriggled from his mum’s lap. Last week I produced a big teddy bear and we played hide and seek! That kept his attention for a little while and produced some giggles (from both of us)!

Isn’t it amazing that our wish to communicate helps us overcome our shyness. I guess it will get easier with practice. It is quality time that is made possible by technology, which is wonderful, but how long till technology can deliver a good hug for Grandma?

If you have any ideas for Skyping with young children that will help keep their attention, I would love to hear them.

cheers for now

Lorraine (aka grandma)

5 thoughts on “But you’re in the computer Grandma!

    • Hi Maggie

      So far I just did a search on google for grandmas and skype and came up with a few ideas. Maybe it is niche market waiting for someone to write a book on it 🙂


    • thanks for your comment about Skype. I imagine it would be a good tool for learning a new language. I enjoyed your blog today about the seeds.


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