All I want is a room somewhere…

Lovely cake we shared at lunch time

I love to listen to music as I drive. Recently I listened to a new CD I  purchased through a Rotary Club. It was a fundraiser that showcases a young girl with an amazing voice. She sang songs from My Fair Lady, such as, All I want is a room somewhere plus some from the Sound of Music. My Mum loved this song. I used to wish I could give her all she desired (such as “lots of chocolate for me to eat“).

I started thinking about the words “All I want…” If you could have what your heart desired more than anything else in the world, what would it be?

 I had to think hard about this as I am fortunate not to need much in my life. No material possessions came to mind.

After some days pondering this I realised that what I would love more than anything is to have all my family together at the same time and place. I accepted this is not possible now due to the distance that separates us. Or was it as difficult as I thought?

This past weekend my daughter-in-law invited me and my partner to their place for lunch on Sunday. My youngest son visited us for the weekend (coincidently – it wasn’t planned). He was happy to go to Sunday lunch as well. Before heading off to lunch my eldest son called me on Skype and I spoke to him, my daughter-in-law and my two grandsons. It wasn’t until a bit later in the day that I realised my wish had come true (with some help from technology) and I spoke to them all and spend some time together. I am feeling very grateful that things worked out the way they did.

What do you think you would ask for, if you could have anything you wanted? I would be interested to hear your response. It may well come true!

Cheers for now



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