Surfin the Web

I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction in writing my blog. Sometimes I don’t have much to say. Today is one of those days!

There are so many interesting things to do each day, and so little time. So today I am posting another song and lyrics from musician and family friend, Don Wright. This one is called Surfin the Web. I hope you like it.  Click on the title below and enjoy the experience of Don’s original work.

Surfin the Web

Hey ho, what do you know

You’ve been on the go all day

It’s late, you should be in bed

But instead you’re surfin the web


Hey ho, the computer is slow

You’re cursing the way of the Gates

You’d better take a lookie, you just scored a cookie

Must be a present from the man they love to hate


Your swap file is thrashing, your disk light is flashing

And your monitor it’s on the blink

Your RAM is dynamic, but you’re in a panic

The system could be freezing up much sooner than you think …


Because you’re surfin (surfin, surfin)

Surfin (surfin surfin), surfin the web


(Guitar Solo)


Well your disk needs de-fragging, your downloads are dragging

And your processor’s running hot

Your internet cache has just done its dash

Your high-speed modem’s giving all that it’s got


Hey ho, what’s this we see

That site needs an adult id

It’s 3 am, but ooh what a lurk

Later on this morning you can do it all again from work …


There you’ll be surfin (surfin, surfin)

Surfin (surfin surfin), surfin the web





Don Wright

Copyright Sound-Infotech Pty Ltd 2006 (used with permission)

Until next time


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