About writing…

I started work on my new writing course today!

I’d like to share an interesting point that I hadn’t thought of before. It stated that readers respond  to a communication moment by momentIt says it is important to us as writers because the reader’s reaction to any one sentence will influence their reaction in everything they read from that point forward. It is true that our emotions are affected as we read. We don’t wait to the end of a story or blog and then consider how we feel about what we have read.  It happens simultaneously.

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I would like to share the occasional insight with you as I go on this learning journey. It is good to find that the course has some focus about writing for web-based purposes. I really enjoy dabbling with the technology and I am quite excited about the seemingly endless possibilities for online communication.

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cheers for now


The text-book is Technical Communication – a reader centred approach, 7th Edition, Anderson.

3 thoughts on “About writing…

  1. It is a good point: readers responding to a communication moment by moment. Hmmm……

    It will interesting to go on this journey with you:) Thanks for sharing it!

    Yours in Lorem Ipsum……….

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