Lost – Widgets – Reward Offered!

The craziness started on Friday when I noticed my widgets were missing? How could they disappear? Has anyone seen them around?

This led me to thinking it would be good to change my blog theme again and get some NEW widgets. I notice that most bloggers don’t change the look of their sites very often. I like change! I skipped through many of the free blog themes provided by WordPress. I was looking for one to better express who I am.

I looked for colours, font, layout and of course, widgets! I wanted mine to be unique!

In the midst of this exploration I did my weekly  photo challenge on Distortion and discovered my fiddling had made a mess of my blog. Maybe people will think I was clever enough to do this on purpose! (thanks Elizabeth 🙂 were you just being gracious? )

I tried on lots of different themes from Blog thing to Choco, Chaotic Soul and Contempt – no, not for me! The Morning After and Mystique were interesting, along with Ocean Mist. By now I was becoming obsessive – I tried Coraline, the Morning After and Contempt – lets not forget Fusion!

In the end I went back to my original look (Shaan) but I still don’t have any widgets! I will have to accept the blessings that Shaan provides me (it IS a pretty blue colour) and be content (for a little while at least.) If you happen to find my widgets, could you send them home please? I will reward you with my never-ending gratitude 🙂



6 thoughts on “Lost – Widgets – Reward Offered!

  1. Widgets. oh widgets. sure. If I see one I’ll send it your way. But honestly, widgets andI don’t get along. We argue so it will likely flipme off or something. I’ve had a few be nice. And somehow they end up on my blog page and do magic But do not ask me how or why. All I’m capable of is drag and drop. Even that gets complicated…for me. So If I see any NICE widgets I’ll send ’em over

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