International Women’s Day – what is important?

Women's International League, 5/1/22

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Yesterday, 8 March 2012, I attended a video-conference to listen to a key-note speaker for International Women’s Day.

In recent years I twice project managed the State Government’s activities for this event in Perth. It was a big job and it was a team effort. I wrote several speeches for the Minister and coordinated a whole range of events. It was my biggest day in the work year. It seemed really important at the time.

Yesterday’s key-note speaker was excellent. She spoke about the history of International Women’s Day and also told her personal story. She works as CEO for a city council. I remembered that I was an elected member of a local government council once. That seemed important at the time too.

As I listened to her speech I thought of my sister’s  comment recently, that I should really write a book about my life. She read some of my blogs and suggested I had a lot more stories to tell about living in remote communities, being a sole-parent etc. It is true that I have some wonderful memories and some tragic ones too. They all seemed terribly important at the time.  Being a parent of three wonderful sons was/is definitely important. So is my relationship with my partner.

My thoughts then led to some of the buddhist philosophies I have read in recent years – about ego, self and letting go. So I ask the question again, “What is important”? or “What makes someone important”?  In an article in our local paper recently our council said they were going to stop people putting memorial plaques on our Jetty unless they were deemed to be “important” people. As you can imagine, there were a lot of letters to the Editor in the next edition! 

We are all important to someone. Just listen to the eulogies at people’s’ funerals. Unfortunately the recently departed “loved one” doesn’t get to hear about it (to the best of my knowledge!)

And so…as part of my writing course, I need to do a survey. I am going to do it online and my questions will be aimed at female “baby boomers” and I will be asking questions about what is important to them at this stage of their lives. If you would like to take part, I really welcome your involvement. It will take place in the next couple of weeks. My email address is so feel free to contact me and I will include you in the survey. Only requirements are that you are in the baby boomer age group (born between 1946 and 1964), have access to the internet and that you are female. Sorry guys, it just enables the survey to be more focused if I only consider one gender 🙂

Cheers for now


9 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – what is important?

  1. All of us are important people as you would have guessed. It’s the nature of duality of the planet that causes people to think otherwise. Ha..ha.. A very challenging planet, right?

    By the way the ‘departed’ usually attend their funerals. So, most likely they would have heard the eulogies. 🙂

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