Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

Appallachian Trail beware!

This photo for today’s Weekly Photo Challenge is of my youngest son trying out his new wet-weather gear in readiness to fly to the US and walk the Appalachian Trail, starting at Atlanta.

I often dream that I am flying to America. It is a recurrent dream (nightmare) and is always packed with disaster. I dream that I:

  • forget my passport
  • lose my passport
  • miss the plane
  • go on the wrong plane
  • I can’t get a taxi
  • my phone won’t work and I can’t call the taxi
  • and just about everything goes wrong.

So, in seeing my son off to America, I felt well prepared for everything that could possibly go wrong. I was there to make sure it all went well. I checked over his ticket details and pointed out some fine print that he missed (minor things) to make sure every box was ticked.

So, yesterday we got to the plane in plenty of time, we found a good parking space – it was all going well. There was a long queue to check-in so my partner and I watched and waited. When he got to the check-in, it seemed to be taking longer that it should. Alarm bells started ringing!

What possibly could be wrong. Then I saw him walk away from check-in and he still had his luggage. This was not a good sign 😦 He was directed to another counter and I decided to find out what was happening. He pointed to his ticket and specifically to the date!

We were there one day too soon! I couldn’t believe my eyes and then I couldn’t help laughing. I had read that piece of paper from top to bottom but I hadn’t noticed the date at the top of the page. I wasn’t angry or annoyed – it was just one of those things that happen!

He was to fly via New Zealand and so we checked and found he could do the first leg of the journey and have nearly two days in New Zealand as a bonus :-). He WILL get to L.A. in the next few days after all.

The outfit he is wearing is made of a new fabric that is ultra-light. I had it made locally. Information about the fabric can be found at:

Hopefully my son will read this blog in the next day or so and remember to let this mum know that he is doing fine 🙂 as she is thinking of him!

cheers for now


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