Secret womens’ business

little gems of wisdom

If you are female and born between 1946 and 1963 I need your help!

As part of my writing course I need to conduct a survey and I want to do it online. I want to show the wisdom, knowledge, the regrets and inspiration of baby boomer women. I need about ten more volunteers who are willing to answer 11 questions online. It will only take about 5-10 minutes and it will be completely confidential. I will use some online software like Survey Monkey. I will also share the results with you by email.

Interested ladies, please email me on I promise I will respect your pearls of wisdom to the best of my ability.

kind regards


4 thoughts on “Secret womens’ business

  1. Greetings! I’m awarding you the Sunshine Award! Follow the link to learn the ‘conditions’ & to capture the badge for display on your blog. (Let me know if you need help with that, ok?) Congrats to you:)

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