Kimberley region of Western Australia

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In the 1980’s I lived in the Kimberley in North Western Australia. I lived in Fitzroy Crossing and later in Derby, before moving to the city (Perth). It is an amazing part of our country. So harsh and yet so beautiful. In the wet season (anytime between November and April) the roads can flood and even be washed away. It can be very dangerous on the roads.

The sky was so dramatic – the lightening and thunderstorms were so loud and frightening (at first). With the heat and the rain come the snakes and all manner of wild life! I can’t believe I let my three lads play in the same place where the snakes maneuvered from place to place. I was younger then and trusted that they would be ok. Thankfully they were ok!

 I will go back for a visit one day!

 Cheers for now



    • I have only ever lived in Australia however I still love to see the outback areas – I love the wide open spaces and the feeling I am the first person to ever see this landscape – no footprints or empty coke bottles 🙂

  1. Me too! In 1980 I was living in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. It was so remote that you could only get there by plane or boat. We went to have a picnic at a billabong that was about an hour drive through sand in a four wheel drive. We were confronted by wild buffallo and I wasn’t sure if we would ever get home again! The beach and billabong were magnificent but alas…there was an empty coke bottle there! Is nowhere sacred? It was still a great experience all the same.
    Lorraine 🙂

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