Some snippets from my past week…

This is my idea of comfort 🙂

snippet one: I order my groceries online and they are delivered to my kitchen! It is a great service. There is a little bit of skill (or patience) in doing an online order. It still takes time even though I don’t have to leave the house. When something is unavailable I  get an email apology. This week the loo paper I ordered were sold out so they said “We hope we have not affected any essential plans you have made.” That made me smile 🙂 

snippet two: My nephew had heart surgery (he’s in his 30’s and I was worried about him). His whole family were concerned about him! I needn’t have been. He was on Facebook one hour after waking from the surgery and thanked everyone for their support.

snippet three: My youngest son has commenced his walk on the Appalachian Trail. I am so pleased for him that he has taken such a big step (so to speak). His last update on Facebook was “I am off for a walk…). It is difficult being a parent – I really felt for my sister yesterday as her son underwent major heart surgery. I feel a sense of loss (all perfectly normal and natural) that my son has embarked on a such a journey and I know his life will never be the same again – it a good way, but I am feeling more redundant.

snippet four: I spent a lot of time on my studies this week. It is a bit scary knowing that I have just started and have 2 assignments due in a few weeks. I am sure I can do it but some self-doubt creeps in at times.

snippet five: I worked for two days, plus did some work in the house and garden as well. It is gratifying to see things getting done. I even went for a walk today (exercise is good :-))

snippet six: Tomorrow my second son and my daughter-in-law are coming over for lunch (roast lamb) and I am looking forward to it. I even made a cake (the second one this year (decade would be more like it). We are celebrating my daughter-in-law’s birthday.

In summary: I had a pretty good week, achieved a lot, so why do I feel a bit down in the dumps? Who knows? We women can be funny creatures at times! It is hard to be upbeat all the time. However I think it is good to be honest about how we feel – how can we have true relationships with others if we are pretending all the time?

Maybe I just need a cup of coffee and a nice piece of chocolate 🙂

Cheers for now


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