Problem in chair – not in computer (picnic)?

Bad hair day!

These last few weeks I’ve found the WordPress blogs a bit challenging. Today I set some time aside to explore whether it was me (picnic 🙂 ) or whether I wasn’t getting updates or if there is some other problem. It feels like the rate of change this year has been exponential. Until recently I felt like I was on top of it all.

So I went to the WordPress Forums to see what I could find out. I wanted to know if I really have to log on everytime I want to ‘like’ or leave a comment. I don’t mind doing that if I have plenty of time but when time is short I decide not to and that’s a shame. I followed a link that recommended I update my  browser – why, I don’t know! I am not a technical person.

OK –  I downloaded Internet Explorer 9. Easy! Then I get a message that my printer is not compatible with IE9 and was directed to the Canon Website to update the driver for my printer. I couldn’t find the driver for my model. At this point I decided to bail out before I dug myself a hole too big to get out of. I decided to do my first ever system restore (it worked!) and returned to where I started out.

I think WordPress is one of the best things I found on the internet but I really do miss the daily post suggestions and easy access to a lot of blogs. It all had something of a rhythm about it – it was predictable and easily followed.

My other grumble is about the screen going haywire when I am about to upload my post. I had trouble with the layout of the “related posts” and haven’t been able to include them lately. I am also having problems with suggested photos to include – there aren’t any 😦

So, the big question – is it me who is the problem or is it WordPress spinning out of control (well, maybe that is a bit dramatic 🙂 ) Has anyone else encountered problems lately?



8 thoughts on “Problem in chair – not in computer (picnic)?

  1. I use WordPress for all my blogs and I found there are a few learning curves. I took some time one day to explore all the dashboard – especially ‘Links’ and ‘Appearance’ – and fiddled with different options. That way I learned quite a bit more.

    Most of the posts that come from WordPress I find too technical. I am not to using code however it is presented! So I’d say persevere and play!

  2. I have found that the answers to many questions are found in the forums (takes a bit of time, sometimes, to find the right one) or by contacting WP (they get right back, quickly, & have the info I need) But most importantly, spending a little time now & then exploring the dashboard, or trying things & seeing how they play out. (gotta give yourself some time for this, too) After 11 months of blogging, I’m finding that I know WAY more than I did when I began………. quite a journey!

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