Surviving the workplace

I was just thinking about employment, jobs, careers etc. For many of us they take up a big  part of our lives.

 Whether we like it or not, must of us need to work to support our families and lifestyle. I work part-time now and I am able to be more balanced about it. Tomorrow I will be in the job for six months – end of my probation period. I’d like to share some of my insight. Obviously it depends what line of work you are in, so I am reflecting on my own part-time job and full-time work I have done as a Public Sector Employee with the State Government.

  • What seems like a really big deal at work probably isn’t really that important at all
  • Don’t make it personal – it is a business contract
  • Don’t go second guessing what people think of you
  • Think before you speak and then think again –  I get this one wrong sometimes!
  • Your work colleagues are not necessarily your friends but be friendly with them
  • Don’t share your secrets – you may live to regret it
  • The place can and will manage without you
  • Avoid gossip – this is hard when you want to feel like “one of the boys/or girls”
  • Working really hard is rarely rewarded. I don’t mind working hard but I don’t expect to be rewarded for it – it is my choice
  • There is usually at least one psychopath in the company somewhere – keep your distance and remember that the universe will deal with them one day 🙂
  • Don’t underestimate your own ability compared to others – especially if they have formal qualifications and you don’t. Life experience is highly valuable.
  • Consider very carefully before you put work as your number one priority. Look after yourself, family and friends first!
  • Having a job helps you appreciate your free time much more.
  • It is too easy to spend money when you have a job – it may not be there for ever so make sure you save some money while you can.
  • If you are asked to do something and you feel you can’t do  it, have a chat about it. Don’t say yes and then not do it.
  • It is really important to listen – I find this one difficult as I am a bit of a daydreamer. Check back to insure you have all the information you need.
  • If all else fails, keep  your mouth closed and keep breathing – that will help you get through most things 🙂



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