the sky is the limit πŸ™‚

We can be funny creatures, can’t we?

I decided I would love to do a course in professional writing where I could gain a piece of paper to put up on the wall. I have plenty of free time to study and to do assignments but I keep procrastinating. The problem – how can I motivate myself to get on with my assignment – considering I am only doing it because I want to. No-one is making me.

The word “gratification” came to mind.

I remembered how good it felt in the past when I completed assignments and handed them in. It felt so good.

It is a feeling that you can’t buy and it only comes from doing the hard yards. It is probably the one sort of happiness that we can create ourselves. We don’t need money, good weather, friends even! We can set up a task – any sort of task really, and take steps to do it and finally reach (or move towards) your goal (big or small).

I guess it is relevant to anything we want to do. I am watching my diet at the moment (one day at a time) and each night, so far, I go to bed knowing I’ve stuck to my eating plan. I get a sort of inner glow of satisfaction Β :-). Β At times it feels overwhelming and I want to just eat anything (because it is easier) but I remind myself to stick it out for the rest of today and it works!

So, getting back to my study! I managed to write the first draft of my first assignment today. It is due next Monday so I still have a little time to play with it and I feel great!

The sky is the limit really πŸ™‚

Cheers for now


PS My IT problems are sorted now. It had something to do with my browser. I changed my browser and WordPress is looking good again πŸ™‚

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