Free love and all that stuff…

An Australian anti-conscription poster from Wo...

An Australian anti-conscription poster from World War One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was on the fringes of the hippie movement in the 1970’s.

It was an exciting time to live in Melbourne, Australia. I worked in the central City where many anti-war demonstrations were held. I felt passionately against our involvement in the war in Vietnam  – more so because my brother was an Infantry foot soldier on the front line.

So what happened to those hundreds of people who came out to protest? Where are they today?

I have a strong interest in that generation of women (in particular – because I am one!) and I plan to use that interest in an assignment I am working on.

Today I did a “brain storm” to try to drill down to what hooks me into that time. I will share my thoughts with you below. I spent six hours working on the assignment today and now I am taking a break from it all. The brainstorm exercise helped me focus on what was driving me.

Here’s my random thoughts about it all:

Why do I want to do some research about women getting older?

Am I trying to find some meaning and purpose to the pains and experiences of the previous few decades?

Do I want to be recognised as having something of value to say and pass on?

Is there a yearning to some distant past when women were able to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation?

Is it about wanting to still be relevant?

Do I have anything I want to say and if I do, is it about relationships, money, family, friendships, careers?

What WAS IT all about?  1970’s, hippies, free love, the peace movement? Did it mean anything?

Did we learn anything?

Do we have anything meaningful to pass on?

Was it just a stage like every new generation?

Is it the need to have a voice – to continue to have a voice?

Is it the need to be heard?

Is it REBELLION against authority (still or again) – AUTHORITY is now mostly in the hands of the younger generation!!!!

Am I wrestling with getting older? Refusing to go away?

Is it about wanting to warn others or prepare others about the challenges that may be ahead – is it out of LOVE or FEAR?

Is it about the fight to making sure I have access to good health services, living conditions and respect?

I would love to hear your thoughts about that generation and if it was just a phase we were going through!

cheers for now


4 thoughts on “Free love and all that stuff…

  1. Those were interesting times, for sure, though I was much too young to actually BE a hippie (though I’m sure I would have!) Great things then: rebellion against the bland norm, rethinking the paradigm, Love, etc. But it was also a time of great division & stridency — eg, the soldiers returning from ‘Nam were treated so badly by all the liberals, EVERYbody rejected not just the arguments of the other side, but rejected the people of the other side too. Good & bad, & fear felt by those who did not want the changes being created & demanded. The lessons of it all still being learned, I think.

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