Auntie Yvonne – the things we did

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Auntie Yvonne was born Yvonne McKenna in country Victoria on 28 May 1920. That makes her nearly 92 years old today. Being the eldest in the family she had a big role in looking after her younger siblings.

On 16 December in 1944 she married former Corporal Roy O’Halloran when he returned from his World War II  service with the Air Force. They settled in their home in Cohuna and both remained there for over sixty years until Auntie Yvonne was unable to care for herself after Uncle Roy’s death on 21 August in 2010.

Auntie is currently in the care of a Nursing Home due to the progression of her dementia. I live on the other side of the country so I haven’t seen much of her in recent times.

Roy and Yvonne were a strong presence in our family throughout all of our lives. They didn’t have any children of their own and were very much part of our extended family. Auntie loved to cook and to sew and was always presenting us with something she had just made. She knitted and croteched and was always busy with her hands. We especially remember the cakes she cooked for us. She was a bit outragious with her decorations with bright coloured icing!

Auntie was a great sports person as well – she excelled at whatever she took on. She played golf and bowls at the top level for many years and collected cupboards full of trophies. My Mum didn’t drive and so it was always Auntie who drove us to the nearby towns for outings and to go shopping. They were very exciting times 🙂 Our home town was very small (population of 2,200 people) so going to the larger towns and cities was a big deal.

Auntie played an important role when I was born as I was flown to Melbourne by the Royal Flying Doctors Service for emergency treatment. Mum had four other young children to look after and Auntie assisted in getting Mum to Melbourne and back  while I was in hospital for a month after I was born.

My sister went on Youth Camps on a couple of occasions with Auntie – to assist in giving a group of disadvantaged children a holiday by the sea. I am told they (Auntie and my sister) played up and had a great time once the kids were securely in bed! They still have a laugh about it today.

I am very grateful for having Auntie Yvonne in my life and the life of our family.They had cats and chooks and a big vegetable garden plus lots of fruit trees. I especially remember the mulbery tree and the mess we would make on our hands and faces 🙂

I almost forgot an important memory –  every Easter she would buy us all a wonderful candy Easter Egg. It was so strong that it was really hard to bite into and lasted much longer than all our other chocolate eggs.

That’s it for today – there are many more memories I will save for another time!

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