Watching the sky

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As a young girl I spent most of my time outdoors. I loved to lie on the freshly mowed lawn and watch the clouds pass by. I could see all types of mythical creatures as they moved quickly across the sky.

I remember another time of looking down on the clouds from the top of Mt Buffalo in Victoria. How magical to be ABOVE the clouds.

My first few plane flights were a real buzz  – reaching the clouds and then flying through and above them. When I lived in North Western Australia I was often a passenger in light aircraft traveling from one community to another. Being caught in an electrical storm was so exciting (not for the pilot though!) It is like being in a different dimension. Flying in the 747’s through a storm was pretty exciting too.

I shot today’s blog photos this time yesterday. The formation of dark and gloomy clouds promised so much but didn’t deliver.

I sometimes have dreams about the sky that would rival the best of Star Wars! They feel so real and electric. Do you ever dream about the sky?


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5 thoughts on “Watching the sky

  1. This rings a bell with me. I used to lie on the grass and watch the clouds too. And the sensation of being in a plane and flying through the clouds and emerging into the bright blue sky with the billowing clouds below you is hard to beat.

  2. We had the wettest April I can remember in my 18 years here in San Diego. That, of course, allowed me to get a lot of nice pictures of clouds. Now I can replace dull gray skies with blue cloudy skies.

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