Why I love where I live

taken by hossen 27

taken by hossen 27 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I received a WordPress email suggesting writing about our local communities. I like the idea as I love living in Busselton. I have lived here for two years now but we used to visit for weekends when we wanted to escape from the city. See more about Busselton here.

Families of the original pioneers still live in the district. It has a rich history however I am not a history buff so you won’t learn much about that from me.

The population is around 30,000 people and the town site hugs the coast line of Geographe Bay. It is very popular with tourists in the warmer months and school holidays. It is well equipped with family accommodation and entertainment. Busselton is also known for its proximity to the Margaret River Wine Region. Special events are held at the wineries on a regular basis. Many of the wineries also have high quality restaurants with scenic views of the countryside.

Busselton is also known for its jetty. It may ha the longest jetty in the world (or maybe the southern hemisphere? IT IS BIG). It has a miniature train that will take you to the underwater observatory at the end of the jetty.

Busselton is about 250 kilometers south of the City of Perth. It takes us about 2.5 to 3 hours to drive there (within the speed limit 🙂 ) When we first moved here we visited Perth fairly often but now we don’t enjoy it as much – too busy and too much traffic!

This photo ‘(with the date on it) is of Smith’s Beach – a source of disagreement in the region as some want to develop it for tourism while others love it just as it is. The debate will continue I imagine.

I like living here as the climate is good and it is not too busy most of the time. We have good health services and all that we need.

It is a very friendly place. The shop keepers and staff often have a chat as money changes hands. People even accept payment from a cheque book, even when they don’t know if you have any money in it!

The most contentious issue here at the moment is the chlorination of the water supply. Busselton has enjoyed high quality drinking water for years. Recently the water authority started adding chlorine to the water and many people are up in arms about it. The authorities say that is for our own safety.

We also have an abundance of wild life here. We have the Western Ringtail Possum that it is an endangered species. We have kangaroos, emus (I haven’t seen an emu since I have been here but we hang out in different place :-)) and we have a large array of water birds. Unfortunately we have sharks as well. Two local people were taken by sharks in the two years we have been here. It puts me off getting in the water even though it looks beautiful.

Anyway – that’s enough about Busselton for one day. I need to get out there and see a bit more of it myself.



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