Choices and Chances

View of Esperance Bay

View of Esperance Bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever thought about how random our lives can be? It amazes me that I am here today in front of my computer, due to millions of random events in the past. My partner is interested in genealogy and has tracked his family tree back a few generations. It is hard to understand that actions they took can still have an influence on what I am doing today. Just consider if one of his ancestors were killed in battle in one of the wars, that would mean that he wouldn’t have been born. If he hadn’t been born then the last 8-9 years of my life would have been totally different.

In 2003 I decided at work to fill in for someone else for 12 months. I just found out my workmate was having 12 months off. I found out when I rang him about another work matter. If I didn’t call him that day….who knows where I would be today? But I did call him, found out about the job vacancy, rang my boss and said I would like to do that country job for 12 months. He agreed straight away. It was only one hour from calling my workmate to making the decision to move to Esperance for 12 months.

I was single while living and working in Esperance and I didn’t know people outside of work. I decided to join an online dating site – just for a pen friend sort of relationship as I was a long way from the city. This wouldn’t have happened if I had been in the city.  One night I was heading off to bed at about 10.00pm and I decided to check my mail from the dating site. There was MAIL for me.  Thus began a friendship, that became a relationship that still exists today! My partner grew up in London and I grew up in a small farming community in country Victoria. There is no way our paths were ever likely to cross, BUT they did! Another choice and another chance meeting!

My life story is made up of situations like that. I think life is like that for all of us. Each choice we make faces us in a certain direction. We can choose to go to the right or left or we can say NO and stay where we are. I find it fascinating.

Another example is when we were living in the city we went to the chemist on a Sunday morning and while we were waiting in line a former colleague of my partner’s came into the store. I didn’t know anything about him but we agreed to meet for a meal with him and his wife. That is about 8 years ago and we are all good friends today. Now if we had gone to a different Chemist…

Photo of Eastern end of Pink Lake near Esperance

And so life goes 🙂

cheers for now


2 thoughts on “Choices and Chances

  1. I agree it is amazing how “happinstance” and serendipidy can have a giant impact on our lives: both good and bad. I really identified with your memory of how your curent circumstances came to be because it sounds, in amny ways, a lot like mine

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