Online shopping is great but…

various potato dishes: potato chips, hashbrown...

various potato dishes: potato chips, hashbrowns, tater tots, baked potato, and mashed potatoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I order my groceries online and they are delivered to my door. The truck arrived around midday today and the driver carried two boxes to my kitchen. The first one was full of potatoes! M mm… what is going on here? The next box also had potatoes. I laughed as I realised what happened. I thought I ordered 10 baby potatoes. I didn’t look closely enough and mistakenly I ordered 10 x 2kg bags of baby potatoes. I found it funny that the driver didn’t even look curious about why two people would buy 20kgs of potatoes.

Some items are listed by the weight and some are listed as individual items, for example I get 6 apples or 6 oranges. I had a mix up with the potatoes once before. That time I received a small tin of baby potatoes. Last week I got a turnip that was supposed to be a parsnip and one tomato instead of a bag of tomatoes! It still beats bumping into people in the aisles in the busy shopping centre. I am sure I spend less money too as I am not tempted by all the displays and advertising.

I am curious if others have online shopping funny or horror stories? What is going to happen to all the retail outlets when we aren’t getting out there among it all?

Cheers for now. I had better start cooking some potatoes for dinner 🙂


4 thoughts on “Online shopping is great but…

  1. i guess they might be 2 kind of people in this world…..some really love to buy everything online to save their time—> busy people……some will choose to take their sweet time to shop at hypermarket or shopping centre to enjoy their shopping.

  2. I’m impressed by those who buy groceries online as I now there is a need for it in remote areas or for people who are home bound. I won’t do it. I need to touch my fruits and veggies. I would buy clothing and such but not fresh food. 🙂

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