Roll top bath

English: Dandenong Ranges from Beleura, oil on...

The first house I ever bought, I fell in  love  with. It was definitely emotional/romantic buy. It was an old cottage on a very steep block of land. The garden was enormous and also amazing. Belgrave Heights is located in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne. About 50 inches of rain a year ensures it is always lush and green. We had tree ferns, camellias, gardenia, maiden-hair fern, lots of bracken and also overgrown blackberries.

The bathroom was located under the house below one of the bedrooms. We had to go outside to use it. It had a beautiful old roll top bath (the house was about 70 years old). The toilet was also outside. We had to find our way down the slippery steps; sometimes in the dark.

We didn’t know that white ants were in residence. Some of important bits of wood-work were hollow and weak. The bathroom floor was made from wooden planks. One day I was enjoying my bath when all of a sudden there was a big THUD! It felt like an earthquake. It was a BATH quake :-). The weakened boards collapsed from under the bath and the bath and I landed on the ground beneath. I survived but the bath was never the same again.

Once I recovered from the shock, I couldn’t stop laughing! I tend to do that in a crisis. Every time I see an old roll top bath I am reminded of that day.

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