I am getting married :-)

Mariage du Duc de Bourgogne, Louis de France (...

Mariage du Duc de Bourgogne, Louis de France (1682-1712). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time I wrote another blog! I  keep delaying writing  – I think my Uni study used up all my words for a time! I completed my two  units and I await the results!

There is more to life than assignments – like getting married, for example :-). Yes, only eight more sleeps and I will marry my wonderful partner – we have been together for over eight years and recently decided to marry. It was my idea, being a leap year and all that. I didn’t have to twist his arm to say yes, thankfully.

The wedding is on 17th June at 11.30am. There will be a short service led by Jen, the Marriage Celebrant, then we will crack open some champagne and have a beautiful  meal to share with the 12-14 family and friends present. We have both been married before so it will be a quiet and intimate gathering.

In the past, I was amazed at people who marry after living together for some time. I have even been known to say “why ruin a good relationship?”

But now I understand differently. Legally there will be no difference in our status under common law as a de facto couple. I want to be able to introduce “my husband” rather than “my partner”. It would sound silly to call him my boyfriend – I’m not in the age bracket where it would sound appropriate. And when I go to buy him a birthday or Christmas card it won’t be so difficult to find one suitable. We are so lucky to have met each other (online in 2003) and look forward to being with each other into the future.

It has been fun to plan the wedding together – to choose the songs that we both love and to choose the words for our service. It has been quite romantic. Now we are just a bit nervous hoping that everything will go smoothly on the day. I am sure it will!

If you were getting married, what songs would you choose for the special occasion? It is not as easy as it sounds – so many good love songs out there.

cheers for now


PS Just to be a little controversial, I think I have a better idea now why gay couples want to marry rather than just have a civil union.


10 thoughts on “I am getting married :-)

  1. How lovely. You always come over as such a nic e person through your Blog so to think of you getting maried to your partner on the 17th andsettling down to happiness together is really nice to ponder. Congratulations to you both

  2. I never thought I would get married for two reasons: (1) I didn’t want to, and (2) since I’m gay, I didn’t think society would let me. Then, when California created Domestic Partnerships, I got domestic partnered. Just doesn’t sound the same as “married.” Thus, when California allowed gay marriages for six months in 2008, I got married, on October 30, 2008. I like being married much better than being domestic partnered.

    Congratulations, too!

    • Hi Russel – good for you! The wedding went well yesterday! Thanks for your good wishes and for visiting my blog. You are always welcome 🙂

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