Tell it like it is…

"Woman Ironing by Candlelight" - NAR...

“Woman Ironing by Candlelight” – NARA – 559005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This

This morning I decided to get my ironing done and to write a blog! That may sound easy but my goal was to actually empty the ironing basket of everything that was in it – stuff that had waited a long time to catch my attention. I am pleased to say it is ALL DONE.

My next task is to write a blog –ย  I spent a lot of time researching blog topics on Google. I thought of writing about my perfect job – that could be interesting but no, not in the mood for that.

Next I thought of writing about my wedding last Sunday. I will write about that, but not today! Maybe tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought of writing a blog about my most popular blog posts – it is really interesting with the new stats to see what people read and where in the world they live. One of my most popular blogs is about Western Ringtail Possums – I only ever wrote one short article about possums but there are people out there who are interested in reading about them.

Goals are valuable but it is silly to be obsessed by them. Even so, today I wrote a blog just so I can say I did!

So there it is!

Thanks for reading.




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