My writing journey

English: The reading and writing room aboard W...

English: The reading and writing room aboard White Star Line’s Adriatic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to write! Some people don’t get it. They don’t understand the value of writing. So where did my journey begin and have I ever arrived at the destination of “being a writer”?

I am the youngest of five children. When I started school I knew my alphabet and was confident in spelling some words. Through-out my primary and secondary schooling I always enjoyed writing most of all. Writing seemed easy – writing essays seemed easy and I got good results. I couldn’t understand why anyone was impressed by my writing. As I student I wrote letters to my local paper and they were published. As an adult I had the same experience.

When I left school I knew that English was my strongest point but I couldn’t see any scope for it as a career. It didn’t cross my mind. I got a job in a shop, selling stuff. I was reasonably good at it but it was very boring. I hated work.

I married at 18 and had 3 children. I was content to be a mum at home while my children were young.

At some point,  when I was about thirty, I decided that my strongest asset was my capacity to write.

Was I right?

There have been many opportunities to use my love of writing by doing voluntary work with adults with literacy problems. I also worked, at first voluntarily and later paid, as an English (reading and writing) tutor to a group of Australian Indigenous women. I have also worked with migrant women teaching English as a second language.

I became a sole-parent at 30 years of age. I applied to go to University to gain some writing qualifications. I loved every minute of it but it was very difficult looking after three children on my own and studying as well. I withdrew. At 38 I won a good job with the State Government. Some writing was involved but it wasn’t the central focus of the role. Over many years I took on other positions and in later years became a policy officer and writing was a core requirement in the job.

I have left the government job now and I am still seeking roles where I can use my English writing ability. I’ve done some tertiary studies in professional writing. Am I any good at it really? Perhaps I am no different to the average person. I get a bit daunted by some of the amazing blogs that I read and feel inadequate in comparison. I have blogged for 18 months now and I really enjoy it.

Does it have to lead anywhere or is it just a journey to be enjoyed? Do you have ambitions for your writing or do you write purely for the pleasure of it? How do we know what we are good at, what our strongest skills are? Is natural ability more important than skills gained through training and practice?What do you think? I welcome your point of view on these questions.

Cheers for now


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4 thoughts on “My writing journey

  1. You ask interesting questions.
    I often say I regret not giving vent to my creativity for many years. I’ve often been the sole breadwinner so I made excuses… no time to write/ paint/ draw/ create.
    Blogging is great… you need to keep going… it allows for expression without too much effort. I’m going to invest more time in my creative art… I want to prepare a number of canvasses and hopefully exhibit somewhere. All the while working at the day job and the second short story collection!

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