Do you believe in synchronicity?

I am starting a new job on Wednesday. I resigned from my current job as I believe it is not a good match with skills and interests. Once I decided I to resign I looked in the paper and saw the advertisement for my new job. I quickly sent an email and attached my resume. A couple of days later I got a call for an initial chat about the job. Talking to the two staff was really interesting and stimulating. They said I would hear back in another week. About seven days passed and I started to think that I had missed out. I got another call and this time we met and talked for two hours. It was a really lively and stimulating conversation and we agreed we would have a go at working together.

Sometimes things fall into place like that – is it synchronicity or just a coincidence? Or is it part of a bigger plan? I feel it is a good move for me and I am very grateful this opportunity to come my way!

Have you ever experienced a situation where everything seems to fall into place? I invite you to share your experiences in the comment section below.





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