Charters Towers

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We recently flew to Townsville in Northern Queensland to see my son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons. It is about as far away as you can get from here and still stay within Australia.I love the northern parts of our country and this was my first trip to northeastern Australia. I really expected it to be old, dusty, outback, full of character and very different to the cities and towns in the south. I was surprised at how wrong I was! Well, not entirely wrong. It was definitely full of character and charm.

One of the highlights of the trip was our visit to Charters Towers, just over 100kms west of Townsville. Charters Towers was once a big mining town and according to a local we met last week, there is still plenty of gold to be found.

I will include some photos. I was really surprised by one I took on the move (from the car) as I thought it was only of the vegetation. Somehow a McDonald’s sign can be seen at the side of the photo. I thought we had escaped into the outback but McDonald’s arrived there before me!

We had a great time. By the way, Charters Towers have a bakery that makes the best pasties I have eaten in a long time 🙂



About writing



Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the first half of 2012 I commenced university study in a professional writing course. I did two units and I passed both but felt I didn’t want to do any more. It is not cheap and it is a lot of work and pressure.

Mid year break came along and I had some time off to reflect. I decided I WILL do the last two units this semester (which starts today). I am studying online and it requires some discipline to keep at it.


Last semester one of the activities was about grammar. I did a lot of research and thought I had it sorted but I only got 4.5 out of 10 marks! No doubt there is some debate in writing circles about what is right and wrong in grammar. I reviewed my work and I could see the mistakes I made but I still don’t feel confident in it.


I decided that I need to take this more seriously. I NEED TO LEARN! I can see that writing is like any other creative pursuit where skill is developed over time. If I want to be a professional in this field then I will have to put in the effort to lift my standard in writing. Can I keep up the motivation? I hope so – it is up to me.






Going to the Far East :-)

We are crossing the continent this Thursday to visit my son, his wife and my two gorgeous grandchildren.

It will be wonderful to see them and to have a look around Queensland.

Hopefully there will be lots of good stories to share on my return. My camera will be busy as well 🙂

Townsville is a long way from Perth in WA

Coat of Arms of Queensland

Coat of Arms of Queensland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

cheers for now


A long way from home

Appalachian Trail – I couldn’t resist re blogging my son’s blog today. In March this year he started walking the Trail from Springer Mountain in Georgia and is now getting close to the end of the it – having walked over 1800 miles thus far. It is great following his journey from here in Australia 🙂


Lakes of the clouds hut

Today I walked most of the ridgeline for the presidential range, a bunch of mountains named after presidents. It was pretty amazing as the second half was all alpine zone so you could see everything.


From Mt Webster. Mt Washington is the tallest peak on the horizon.



From Mt Eisenhower


Me eating Mt Washington from Mt Franklin.


Lakes of the Clouds Hut, while climbing Mt Monroe.


The Lakes of the Clouds, with Mt Washington in the background.


The lake from close up.

Osgood tent site
Today was a very slow day. I got left behind by Veggie and Philly Ben. I may be taking my time a little too much now. But I’m still really tired, and sunburnt for the for time on the trail. Two days hiking through alpine terrain will do that to you!


Mt Washington this morning.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

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Today I look at dreaming from a few different perspectives. I hope you enjoy it!



PS The hungry little bird in the photos was my pet budgie. It was very cheeky and very sweet! The little boy next to the motor bike is my nephew’s son. My brother’s first grandchild. The hot air balloon is part of a feature at a shopping centre in Melbourne.

Cars and sentimentality

I enjoy scanning my old photos and giving them new life on my computer. I find they help me with ideas to write about. Today I came across an old newspaper cutting from the car ads in the daily paper. I remember I kept it for sentimental reasons. I had to sell my car, for lots of reasons, but mainly that it had a Yellow Sticker and that meant I had to get some major repairs in a short space of time or it would be taken off the road. The paper is dated 12 October 1988.

It was an HR Holden and it was released in around 1965-66 so it was getting pretty old. We bought it for $200 while living at Fitzroy Crossing. The motor was as good as gold and the interior was in pretty good shape. It covered many thousands of kilometres across Australia in the time we had it. It was a great family car – Mum, Dad and the three kids fitted in perfectly.

Because of its age, we weren’t concerned about driving on dirt tracks and through creek beds. It was pretty safe too as it was big and heavy. I once took it out bush with some Aboriginal ladies from my Literacy Class. They wanted to go hunting. That is a big story all on its own and I won’t go there today, but I am including a photo of one of the ladies in front of the car, showing off her catches! We later cooked and ate them.

When I moved to the City after my marriage break-up I managed to keep the car. I really needed one with the three children. The police were a bit more vigilant in Perth than in the Kimberley and I was often worried they may put my car off the road – which they did eventually. It happened while I was interstate visiting my parents. My neighbour and friend agreed to look after my cat and the car while I was away.

The poor woman must have regretted her generosity. My cat unfortunately got run over – not her fault at all. As she drove to the airport to pick me and the lads up she was stopped by the police and they did an inspection of the car. It had lots of rust amongst a lot of other minor problems. They issued the dreaded Yellow Card. Poor Heather was really upset but I didn’t blame her at all. There was nothing she could have done. Looking back now, I can even understand why the police wanted the car off the road. It probably wasn’t the safest car on the road.

Anyway, I put an ad in the paper to see if I could get something back. I sold it to the best offer of $200! With that $200 I bought myself a bicycle and also learned about catching buses and trains.

Cheers for today


Weekly photo challenge: Movement

At the beach this morning I saw a great candidate for this topic. It was the ripples in the sand caused by the movements of the waves. I didn’t bring my camera though!

I thought, “I know. I have a great photo of a sand dune with a unique pattern caused by the wind. I searched my photo albums and couldn’t find it. We are not talking digital here!

BUT, I did find several old photos taken in different parts of Australia over the past few decades.

I have enjoyed this topic as it led me on a journey to places archived in my memory.



This is the sort of photo I had in mind to start with 🙂 I didn’t take this one though.


TRACKS ACROSS SAND DUNE – NARA – 547607 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am reblogging a fellow writer as I enjoyed his message and like his writing. I hope you enjoy it too! cheers Lorraine 🙂
PS Happy 4th July to those bloggers in the US!


On this great day of Independence, we give thanks to those who served and continue to serve our country, those who fought for our freedom, those who got us to where we are today, and those who blog about life and interesting topics to keep us entertained. Huh? Okay so maybe not everyone gives thanks to us bloggers on a daily basis, and maybe we don’t have our own holiday, but why not? We deserve a little bit of credit for our hard work keeping each other entertained, reading stories about one another’s lives, and purging our emotions and stressors and shoving them onto our readers for them to deal with. I would say that we deserve a bit of credit (of course nothing compared to the heroes of our country) but why not take a second after thanking those for our independence to thank each other for our entertainment…

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Weekly photo challenge: fleeting moments

I took my trusty camera with me this morning, on my morning walk to get the Sunday paper and some fresh bread. Fleeting moments were in really short supply! Being winter and Sunday morning it was very quiet. It is also great to see some of the neighborhoods where other bloggers hang out.

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Even so I took three shots that must be “fleeting” as they can never, ever be exactly the same again.  A moment in time, never to be repeated! If only I could learn that EVERY moment in time is fleeting!