Dream catcher

I dream a lot! I don’t always remember them though. When I am finding life a bit difficult I often dream that I am caught in a flood and that it is about to overwhelm me.

When stressed, I often clam up and bury the emotions inside. In order to be “less stressed” I am learning to name my emotions with a technique from “The Confidence Gap” by Dr Russ Harris.”  Amazingly, last night I dreamed that I was about to be faced with yet another flood.

This time I responded differently. I was able to channel the water into a part of my yard that was badly in need of water. I was very calm and collected and in control! It felt great.

My interpretation of this dream is that I CAN experience turbulent and overwhelming situations – I just need to acknowledge them and find a use (?) for them or channel those energies to where they are most needed in my life.




English: Logo of Headlines Today

 Logo of Headlines Today (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often think that the headlines in our papers say something about where we live and what is important to us.

This week in the South West Times the lead story was about a footballer criticizing an umpiring decision on his Facebook page. He gained a one week suspension!

Another story featured this year was about a stolen wheelbarrow. It got two runs in the paper as the following week the wheel barrow was found and returned to its owner!

The summer before last there was a story about fans being sold out during the heat wave.

I am truly grateful to live in a community if these are some of the worst things that happen in my part of the world!




























A crisis in confidence

English Grammar In Use

English Grammar In Use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am stuck! I committed myself to doing two university level units of study in the current semester. I downloaded all the course outlines, readings, and assignments! I set up Outlook appointments for study times and my part-time job. I actively engaged in the online community, but then something happened…

I sat in front of my computer and froze. Logically I had it all worked out – after all, it was just 12-13 weeks of study – surely I can commit myself to that! It was interesting stuff about communication, publishing, editing and design. In my mind I was back to being 15-16 years old. I didn’t complete my last year at High School for fear of failing. It was an awful place to be, but all these years later, the same fears and emotions returned.

As a result of my “freeze” I decided to defer my studies until 2013 – fortunately it was approved.

My biggest stumbling block was GRAMMAR! It may well have been a prehistoric language. I know the basic stuff about nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. and I mostly understand passive voice. There is so much more to it and I was torn with annoyance about not knowing something and the question “do I really need to know this stuff?”

Prior to deferring my studies I ordered a book from Amazon  called English Grammar in Use –  a self-study reference and practice book for intermediate learners of English and it is written by Raymond Murphy. It comes with a CD and it provides answers to all the exercises in the book. I was a little put off with INTERMEDIATE as I have used English as a first language all my life! When do I graduate to the next level!!!

So, there it is – do we really need to know grammar THAT well? What do you think? Are there parts of grammar that still confuse you?

There was another lesson for me in this experience and it took another book to regain some confidence. It is called The Confidence Gap – from fear to freedom, written by Dr Russ Harris. His approach in new in psychology (to the best of my knowledge) but has been known by many cultures for centuries – mindfulness and allowing our thoughts to come and go without getting “fused” (Harris’s word) with our thoughts, negative or positive. I would recommend the book to anyone struggling with self-confidence.

As for the GRAMMAR book – I haven’t decided if I really want to improve my skills in this area. It would be great to gain some skills and overcome past fears in this area. I will think about it (in a diffused sort of way) 🙂






My son completed the Appalachian Trail a few days ago. Guess who is very proud of him 🙂 Lorraine


The last day I woke up about 7am with a trace of a hangover and only 5 miles to climb up a little hill called Katahdin. Stinger had left an hour ago, Whitewater left at about 7 and the rest of us, motown, janza, red man, philly ben and myself left at about 8am. The climb wasn’t too bad really, it was fun. I got to the top at 11am.
I had to hold back tears when I saw the sign. After 4 and a half months of hiking, my journey finally came to an end. It was a very satisfying feeling. We all shook hands and congratulated each other and took photos, then a few hours later we shared a hotel room and drank some more beers to celebrate.


At the bottom of the mountain. Not sure what’s going on here.


On the way up. That’s Janza, he’s really…

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Weekly photo challenge: Wrong

If you have ever read my blog before, you will know I love telling stories about my time in remote places in Australia. A few weeks ago we went to Northern Queensland which is a very long way from where we live. I love to take photos of the trees and natural landscapes so I asked my husband (:-)) to reduce the speed so that I could take a shot from the car window without getting out of the car. Lazy, I know, but we WERE on holidays!

Landscape on the road to Charters Towers, Queensland.

This is the photo I shot. I am fascinated by trees and the different species found in parts of Australia. It wasn’t until we got home and I uploaded the photos that I noticed something was wrong! You can’t miss it!



Congratulations Katherine! You are the 10 000th visitor to my blog. I hope that other readers will enjoy your post today 🙂
PS thank you to all readers of my blog

10 000 views – wow!

Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII. ...

Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII.        (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are the next person to view my blog you will be my 10 000th visitor! Congratulations. If you tell me the name of your blog, I will reblog it on my site!

Thanks readers for your support 🙂


PS Joan of Arc really has nothing to do with this post – I just liked the picture and it is public domain 🙂


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On Saturday I went to the Vasse Markets with my neighbour and friend. It was a pleasant outing and I treated myself to a big bunch of native flowers. I took some photos so I could share them with you 🙂

I also found a lovely little book for $1 called Flowers from Shakespeare’s Garden – a Posy from the Plays, pictured by Walter Crane. It has some beautiful illustrations in it. I believe an original copy of it costs around A$600. Mine is not an original but I will treasure it. My friend predicted there would be a blog about it, so I couldn’t resist including it.

Cheers for now


The Strand

The Strand in Townsville with Magnetic Island in the background

Two weeks ago I was enjoying time with family in the sunshine on the beach front at Townsville. It was a beautiful day! I am missing my two little grandsons. I am sure I am not the only grandma that lives a long way from the grand kids!

Until next time