Reflections on our trip to Queensland

English: Virgin Blue 737-700 at Townsville Int...

English: Virgin Blue 737-700 at Townsville International Airport Gertzy Category:Images of Australian airports Category:Townsville, Queensland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flying can be fun sometimes and other times it can be hard work.

Wednesday 18 July – drove to Perth and stayed at the Comfort Hotel – room service meal was great – especially the hedgehog (not chocolate hedgehog). Thursday 19th – drove to Perth airport and left our car in the Long Stay parking area and caught the clipper to the Terminus. We were flying Virgin Airlines.Thursday 19th – left Perth at about 10.40am, about ten minutes later than scheduled. Put our watches forward to 12.40pm and settled in for the flight. Still the 19th –  a bit of a mix up with the seating and so we changed seats with the young bloke next to us. He was traveling with about twenty other workmates and they were flying to Brisbane for a work conference. They weren’t all seated together but that didn’t stop them having an increasingly good time the more they had to drink. Did they really have to shout at each other for the 5 hour flight!!! Still the 19th – we arrived in Brisbane around 5pm – this worked well with our connecting flight…or so we thought. Our connecting flight was running three hours late. Virgin provided us with an $8.00 voucher each to placate us. Still the 19th – left Brisbane at about 8.30pm for our two-hour flight to Townsville. Fortunately the noisy young guys got off in Brisbane. We had planned to meet my son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons at the airport but it was too late in the day for that now. We arrived at our accommodation via a taxi at about 11pm.

Next day we got to see the grandchildren. I hadn’t seen them since March 2011 so this was a big moment for me! Great to see their mum and dad too 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice Townsville is. The weather was perfect (Beautiful one day, perfect the next! as the jingle goes) and it was a really pleasant sight to see. We stayed near the Ross River (heard of Ross River Virus? I think there is a connection to the mosquito borne virus).

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It is SO good for me to have a change of scenery and see life in a different perspective. Coming home on the plane I marveled at being above the clouds and how small we are in reality – especially from such a distance. Houses looks so tiny and insignificant and yet we (I) make such a fuss about much of life!

Cheers for today!


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