My son completed the Appalachian Trail a few days ago. Guess who is very proud of him 🙂 Lorraine


The last day I woke up about 7am with a trace of a hangover and only 5 miles to climb up a little hill called Katahdin. Stinger had left an hour ago, Whitewater left at about 7 and the rest of us, motown, janza, red man, philly ben and myself left at about 8am. The climb wasn’t too bad really, it was fun. I got to the top at 11am.
I had to hold back tears when I saw the sign. After 4 and a half months of hiking, my journey finally came to an end. It was a very satisfying feeling. We all shook hands and congratulated each other and took photos, then a few hours later we shared a hotel room and drank some more beers to celebrate.


At the bottom of the mountain. Not sure what’s going on here.


On the way up. That’s Janza, he’s really…

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  1. A remarkable accomplishment and deserves documentation and accolades! Great shot in the rain, too. Glad you shared Lorraine. You’ve reason to be a proud mom.

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