One day when I get time…

OK I want to write a blog today but I don’t seem to have any ideas so I thought I would write anyway! It may lead to something or it may not.

I looked at my book-case for inspiration – ideas about writing, text books about writing, poetry books, books about self employment….

Then I thought, what about a list? How about a list of what can be found in my book-case? No, I got bored with the idea before I got started!

I think I need to find something more to do with my spare time. For years I worked full-time and I longed for the day when I didn’t have to set the alarm and I could get up and do whatever I wanted! It is a balancing act – finding enough interesting things to do without feeling over committed and time poor. Not working full-time gives me such a great opportunity to choose what I want to do.

OK, how about a list of what I would do if I had time (assuming that I don’t have time?) Yes, this calls for some CREATIVE writing 🙂

1. Learn calligraphy and use it on personal greeting cards

2. Write story books for my two grand sons – just for fun

3. Get fit and healthy – go to the gym, the pool, long walks by the beach…

4. Improve my cooking by learning new recipes

5. Get out of the house and look for wildflowers (it is wild flower season here)

6. Read some of those books I have promised myself to read ONE DAY

7. Go to a Nursery and buy some spring annuals to plant in the garden

8. Try writing some poetry – I haven’t done this for 20 years or more and I used to enjoy it

9. Do some random acts of kindness secretly

10. Take a series of photos – I had an idea the other day to take photos of inside of people’s garages – I think they say a lot about who we are (or aren’t) – all different, all ok!

Gosh, now that I have all these things to do, I don’t really have time to write a blog after all!




Weekly photo challenge: Solitary

My grandson is enjoying watching the other children play in a park at Port Hedland. He looks so small and solitary (and very cute!)



Weekly photo challenge: Everyday life

Today I present a glimpse of everyday life at my place including my favourite armchair with little table beside it, china cabinet, kitchen, laundry and outdoor clothes line; dining area with last week’s newspapers; weeds in my garden plus my herbs; my outdoor patio area; my office used for my work, my grandson’s art work, some of my “treasures” plus social networking, storage, blogging…

I hope you enjoy your visit to my place 🙂


A weighty matter

"Get fat on Lorings Fat-ten-u and corpula...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will eat for food

Will eat for food (Photo credit: altemark)

The “weigh” he was Camp America commandant los...

Photo by Army Spc. David McLean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is stopping me from losing the weight I gained over winter?

Myth 1.Everyone gains weight over winter – is this true? I don’t believe it is true for me. I put on weight when I eat more than I need and exercise less than I need to. Sure, it is harder to motivate myself when the weather is cold and wet outside – it doesn’t invite me to get out there and go for a walk.

My weight has fluctuated for as long as I can remember and the reasons for the increases can be traced back, every time, to comfort eating. Eating to make myself feel better – get some of those feel-good endorphins.

Myth 2. We all get fatter as we age. I don’t believe that one either. Perhaps as we age, we get tired of people pleasing and start to accept ourselves as were at (fat!).

Myth 3. It must be my metabolism! I am inclined to agree with that to some degree. Some people seem to be able to eat anything and not gain weight. They naturally burn up the calories more quickly.

Myth 4. It is hard to know what to eat as there are so many diets, diet books, TV programs, scientific research – it is confusing! It is true that I feel overwhelmed by the choices of diets/eating programs that we see and read about every day. I guess I am hoping to find a diet where I can eat all my favourite foods (as much as I like) and still lose weight!

Myth 5. Fat people are happy people. The truth is that when I put on weight it has a negative impact on my self-confidence and my acceptance of my body. I try to pretend it doesn’t matter but it DOES matter to me. My contentment with life declines.

Myth 6. Exercise is tiring, boring, doesn’t work, is hard etc! I am NOT physically active and perhaps a bit on the lazy side. How can I change this attitude to exercise? What is stopping me? I don’t have any answer to that one just now. Does anyone have some suggestions for overcoming lethargy?

DEFINITION OF INSANITY (not sure of the origin of this) is when we know something is bad for us but we keep doing it!

Mmmm…. Food for thought!


Weight-walking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Favourite authors and books

I love my Kindle

I love my Kindle

What attracts me to an author? Initially it is probably an accidental meeting. It could be the cover or the title or the review that I read in a magazine, or it might just be “in my face” at the time. You know how it is – you visit someone, they make you a coffee and you can’t help but look at the book on the coffee table – and you are hooked. Has that ever happened to you?

So, my favourites are:

M.Scott Peck – the first one I read was The Road Less Traveled. Others include The Different Drum; People of the Lie; A Bed by the Window; In Heaven as if on Earth and In Search of Stones. I didn’t realise it at the time but I believe his writing has influenced my own style (or how I would like my style to be).

Alain de Botton – the first one of his I read is called  Sophie’s World  then The Consolations of Philosophy and then I went on to read Status Anxiety which I really enjoyed. His writing sparked  in me a deeper interest in philosophy.

Steven R Covey – his famous book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is one of my favourites. We had a book club at work a few years ago and that was one of the books we studied.

Martin E P Seligman, PhD. is another of my favourite writers. I enjoyed Learned Optimism; What You Can Change and What You Can’t; and Authentic Happiness. I learnt a  great deal from these books and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. He is one of the pioneers of Positive Psychology teaching.

Sydney Banks – The Missing Link – Reflections on Philosophy and Spirit – Sydney Banks may not be as well known as the other authors but his writing is profound, full of wisdom and beauty.

There are many more but that will do for today. I DO read novels as well sometimes. Since I have my Kindle I am enjoying downloading free books, some of which I would never thought of reading before. I am currently reading an eBook about George Washington.

There are so many books and SO LITTLE time!


Valuing Beauty

I love beauty – beautiful people, places or things. Why haven’t I even given much thought to beauty? Just recently, while reading about values, I saw beauty referred to as a value. I was really surprised by that. By nature I am a fairly utilitarian person. I manage with what I have and try to make the best of it.

The more I thought about beauty as a VALUE, the more I liked the idea. I think it has a stigma with me as I gave up wanting to look beautiful many years ago. I have tended to think of it as shallow and that real beauty is on the inside – not on the outside! A bit defensive perhaps 🙂

I have always loved the beauty that is found in nature. Sometimes I am more in touch with this than others. When I lived in the city I think I valued natural beauty even more. A lovely tree growing in an urban landscape really makes a statement. But what about beauty in things such as nice clothes, home decor, fine china? Yes, I really do love fine china and have allowed myself to get a small collection together. They are mostly totally useless (miniatures) and just nice to look at – and I do look at them and feel happy to have them in my home.

Today I am open to having more beauty in my life. It IS valuable and not always associated with vanity and greed. It has reminded me to make an effort with my appearance and it is ok to spend time and money looking after myself and my home. It reminds me to enjoy the beauty in my friends, family and neighbours.

Yes, I do think beauty can be a good VALUE to cultivate and it is good for us to be more open minded at finding it in different people, places and things.



Weekly photo challenge: near and far



I have just returned from a lovely walk to the beach with my neighbour and friend. I took my camera with me looking for a “near and far” opportunity. We spotted a bob-tail lizard in the grass “near” by. He was reasonably well camouflaged but his head is an orange colour that stands out.

My far shot is of the Busselton Jetty. It is only just visible on the right side where the ocean meets the land.






Thanks Lazy Optimist for this amazing blog and video. I first “liked” it on Facebook some time ago and it was a delight to find it again 🙂 It sure puts a lot of things into perspective.

Passion and anger

The Great Day of His Wrath

The Great Day of His Wrath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feelings of anger are almost foreign to me. I don’t like to engage in conflict if I can avoid it. When it comes to “fight or flight” you will most often find me in full flight. Anger isn’t well received in women. It seems to conflict with what the world expects us to be: loving, patient, kind and caring. I don’t believe my view is isolated.
And yet there have been times in my life when anger has been the launching pad to take action in my life. When we are in a low place, anger can give us the energy to get out of it. When I am complacent I just go along with whatever the day puts in my path – I can be mentally lazy. I have so much to be thankful for in my life – and I am thankful. I just wonder what happened to the passion I once had about wanting to change the world? Am I just older and wiser or have I just become more cynical with age.

There are many issues in the world that are confronting  – the plight of people in Syria, the refugees fleeing from war and injustice in other parts of the world. Is there anything I can do about it? I think about giving financial support but then I am concerned about what percentage of my giving would really reach those in need. I am ashamed to say that it just seems too hard “to make a difference”!

In a country like Australia there are people doing it tough too. It isn’t necessarily to do with financial status – it can be due to dysfunction, unemployment and loss of hope. Our government provides benefits to most people in need – we cannot be compared with countries without these safety nets. I remember many years ago, as a single parent with three young sons, our Prime Minister of the day promised that no child need live in poverty by 1990, I cried because I believed him. That promise has been laughed at but it meant a lot to me at the time. Even the Prime Minister later said he regretted saying it as it was not achieved.

So, what in the world can I get passionate or angry about? How can I make a difference? And does it matter?

Your thoughts?


My Favourite Things

I thought long and hard to find what is special to me. There were lots of possibilities before my eyes as I scanned my room seeking that something special – something that stood out above the rest. When I spotted Mum’s philosophy books my search was over. She sometimes read them to us at bedtime. As children we knew they were special because of the way she handled them – as though they held something close to her heart. She didn’t say so; we could just tell.

Seeing Mum of an evening was a treat in itself. She worked, mostly doing afternoon shift, as a Nurse at the local hospital. She trained during WW II however she met my Dad, a dashing young man in uniform, and they married five months later. That’s how it was in War time – or so I am told. Mum couldn’t complete her training after the wedding as married women couldn’t stay in training as nurses. She must have been very much in love to make that sacrifice. She loved her work, that was easy to see, so she worked as a Nurse’s Aid until she retired in her sixties.

We lived in our small wooden house in Channel Street – Mum, Dad and five kids – 3 girls in one bedroom (bunks and a single bed) and 2 boys in the sleep out. We had a wooden stove in the kitchen and a wooden fire-place  in lounge. Even so, I remember it being really cold.  When I got out of bed in the morning I shuddered as my feet touched the icy cold lino floor. There were no mats in the house.We would put our school shoes in the oven to warm them up before going to school.  It was fairly stark, but honest and clean (Mum was a bit obsessed with CLEAN!). We had a chip heater in the bathroom that made frightening noises – bath time was as short as possible!

Being the youngest of 5 children, I remember getting caught up in whatever was happening at the moment. My brothers believed their main role was to instil fear into me. They did this by going outside my window at night and pretending they were burglars or wild animals. I was a very timid  and fearful little girl.

Mum worked full-time from when I was 18 months old and Dad worked long hours – cutting wood in the forest. There were lots of times we were on our own. Saturday nights were special though – it was when we all shared in the luxury of  a big blog of chocolate.

Mum and Dad have both passed away now. It wasn’t until some time afterwards; it is a bit of blur now, but I came across the philosophy books. My sisters and I remember Mum reading snippets to us. We were not allowed to hold the book. It was special and Mum kept them in her bedroom. It was magic when she got them out.

Mum and Dad are dead and gone – I now have the books in my book-case and I have also developed a love of thought-provoking reading about the human condition.

What puzzled us girls is why Mum would read one particular story to us called “Tiss Me Goodnight” about a naughty child being punished by not getting a kiss goodnight. It is a really sad little story as the mother doesn’t relent and the child dies during the night”. Not exactly bedtime reading for us young girls. It instilled in me the importance of not denying my love and affection to others as one never knows what the next hours or days may have in store.

But, my Mum was mysterious to me. I wish I had got to know her better but perhaps there is always a side of our parents that we never know will know about.