Month: September 2012

One day when I get time…

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OK I want to write a blog today but I don’t seem to have any ideas so I thought I would write anyway! It may lead to something or it may not. I looked at my book-case for inspiration – ideas about writing, text books about writing, poetry books, books about self employment…. Then I thought, what about a list? How about a list of what can be found in my book-case? No, I got […]

Weekly photo challenge: Everyday life

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Blog 2012 / Friends and family / Self acceptance

Today I present a glimpse of everyday life at my place including my favourite armchair with little table beside it, china cabinet, kitchen, laundry and outdoor clothes line; dining area with last week’s newspapers; weeds in my garden plus my herbs; my outdoor patio area; my office used for my work, my grandson’s art work, some of my “treasures” plus social networking, storage, blogging… I hope you enjoy your visit to my place 🙂 Lorraine […]

A weighty matter

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Blog 2012 / food and diets / I feel... / love / Self acceptance

What is stopping me from losing the weight I gained over winter? Myth 1.Everyone gains weight over winter – is this true? I don’t believe it is true for me. I put on weight when I eat more than I need and exercise less than I need to. Sure, it is harder to motivate myself when the weather is cold and wet outside – it doesn’t invite me to get out there and go for […]

Favourite authors and books

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Blog 2012 / Journal Blog / Meaning of life and that stuff / Philosophy / Uncategorized / Wisdom

What attracts me to an author? Initially it is probably an accidental meeting. It could be the cover or the title or the review that I read in a magazine, or it might just be “in my face” at the time. You know how it is – you visit someone, they make you a coffee and you can’t help but look at the book on the coffee table – and you are hooked. Has that […]

Valuing Beauty

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beautiful / Blog 2012

I love beauty – beautiful people, places or things. Why haven’t I even given much thought to beauty? Just recently, while reading about values, I saw beauty referred to as a value. I was really surprised by that. By nature I am a fairly utilitarian person. I manage with what I have and try to make the best of it. The more I thought about beauty as a VALUE, the more I liked the idea. […]

Weekly photo challenge: near and far

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beautiful / Weekly Photo Challenge

I have just returned from a lovely walk to the beach with my neighbour and friend. I took my camera with me looking for a “near and far” opportunity. We spotted a bob-tail lizard in the grass “near” by. He was reasonably well camouflaged but his head is an orange colour that stands out. My far shot is of the Busselton Jetty. It is only just visible on the right side where the ocean meets […]

Passion and anger

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Blog 2012 / I believe that... / I feel... / Meaning of life and that stuff / Motivation / Uncategorized

Feelings of anger are almost foreign to me. I don’t like to engage in conflict if I can avoid it. When it comes to “fight or flight” you will most often find me in full flight. Anger isn’t well received in women. It seems to conflict with what the world expects us to be: loving, patient, kind and caring. I don’t believe my view is isolated. And yet there have been times in my life […]

My Favourite Things

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I thought long and hard to find what is special to me. There were lots of possibilities before my eyes as I scanned my room seeking that something special – something that stood out above the rest. When I spotted Mum’s philosophy books my search was over. She sometimes read them to us at bedtime. As children we knew they were special because of the way she handled them – as though they held something […]