Ten reasons I will keep blogging


I came close to giving up on my blog.  All sorts of reasons (excuses) but I will continue because:

1. It feels like there is something missing in my day when I don’t spend at least a few minutes writing and reading

2. I miss the inspiration from the feedback to my blog or reading other people’s stories

3. If I stopped blogging, what would happen to all those stories I have written since I first started

4. It can’t do any harm and it can be fun 🙂

5. I get to write at least around 300 words a day and it is good to keep in practice

6. I love looking for good photos to match up  with my article of the day – better still if it is one of my own

7. I can say “I am a blogger” when asked what I do with my spare time

8. I love the international nature of blogging – I learn so much from reading blogs from people overseas.

9. Sometimes I love to share an important insight or experience in my life

10. It is too easy to give up doing things – I must persevere

Do you ever wonder why you blog or read blogs. I would welcome ideas for remaining motivated in my writing –  if you would like to share your ideas.

thanks for reading today

Lorraine 🙂


13 thoughts on “Ten reasons I will keep blogging

  1. I like the writing aspect of blogging, and I like that it enables me to shares my ideas and interact with others. You get to build some sense of community. And as you said, it can’t do any harm!

  2. Blogging just makes me plain happy so I am going to go with your #1 reason. I would miss it terribly. Keep at it girl! Do what you love. Love what you do!

  3. Keep at it, Ma! Tippy never know what might come of it. Sometimes writing things down can affect what you do in your physical life, too.
    I’ve got a month’s worth of blogs to upload once I get a real connection. I almost stopped because I didn’t think anybody would read it but then I decided I wanted to keep a record for myself anyway.

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