Valuing Beauty

I love beauty – beautiful people, places or things. Why haven’t I even given much thought to beauty? Just recently, while reading about values, I saw beauty referred to as a value. I was really surprised by that. By nature I am a fairly utilitarian person. I manage with what I have and try to make the best of it.

The more I thought about beauty as a VALUE, the more I liked the idea. I think it has a stigma with me as I gave up wanting to look beautiful many years ago. I have tended to think of it as shallow and that real beauty is on the inside – not on the outside! A bit defensive perhaps 🙂

I have always loved the beauty that is found in nature. Sometimes I am more in touch with this than others. When I lived in the city I think I valued natural beauty even more. A lovely tree growing in an urban landscape really makes a statement. But what about beauty in things such as nice clothes, home decor, fine china? Yes, I really do love fine china and have allowed myself to get a small collection together. They are mostly totally useless (miniatures) and just nice to look at – and I do look at them and feel happy to have them in my home.

Today I am open to having more beauty in my life. It IS valuable and not always associated with vanity and greed. It has reminded me to make an effort with my appearance and it is ok to spend time and money looking after myself and my home. It reminds me to enjoy the beauty in my friends, family and neighbours.

Yes, I do think beauty can be a good VALUE to cultivate and it is good for us to be more open minded at finding it in different people, places and things.



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