A weighty matter

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Will eat for food

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What is stopping me from losing the weight I gained over winter?

Myth 1.Everyone gains weight over winter – is this true? I don’t believe it is true for me. I put on weight when I eat more than I need and exercise less than I need to. Sure, it is harder to motivate myself when the weather is cold and wet outside – it doesn’t invite me to get out there and go for a walk.

My weight has fluctuated for as long as I can remember and the reasons for the increases can be traced back, every time, to comfort eating. Eating to make myself feel better – get some of those feel-good endorphins.

Myth 2. We all get fatter as we age. I don’t believe that one either. Perhaps as we age, we get tired of people pleasing and start to accept ourselves as were at (fat!).

Myth 3. It must be my metabolism! I am inclined to agree with that to some degree. Some people seem to be able to eat anything and not gain weight. They naturally burn up the calories more quickly.

Myth 4. It is hard to know what to eat as there are so many diets, diet books, TV programs, scientific research – it is confusing! It is true that I feel overwhelmed by the choices of diets/eating programs that we see and read about every day. I guess I am hoping to find a diet where I can eat all my favourite foods (as much as I like) and still lose weight!

Myth 5. Fat people are happy people. The truth is that when I put on weight it has a negative impact on my self-confidence and my acceptance of my body. I try to pretend it doesn’t matter but it DOES matter to me. My contentment with life declines.

Myth 6. Exercise is tiring, boring, doesn’t work, is hard etc! I am NOT physically active and perhaps a bit on the lazy side. How can I change this attitude to exercise? What is stopping me? I don’t have any answer to that one just now. Does anyone have some suggestions for overcoming lethargy?

DEFINITION OF INSANITY (not sure of the origin of this) is when we know something is bad for us but we keep doing it!

Mmmm…. Food for thought!


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5 thoughts on “A weighty matter

  1. If you can find some kind of exercise that you really enjoy then you will be more likely to stick to it. I also find that once I start exercising regularly I am more likely to keep up the routine. Maybe try scheduling it into your diary like an appointment. With the beautiful spring weather at the moment a nice stroll along the beach every couple of days may be a good way to start. Good for clearing the head too 🙂

  2. I struggle with my weight. Its something i’ve had to watch ever since I was in my teens. For what its worth I try to eat my main meal at lunchtime and take a daily walk/ run. It helps but its far from being the only answer I know

  3. Start with something simple that you enjoy doing; walking, dancing, yoga and build up. As for foods, if we don’t buy it, we won’t eat it. Keep healthier food choices around so when the cravings arise, you have better choices. Good luck!

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