Month: October 2012

WordPress prompt – write about a Goldilocks experience

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If you don’t know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it can be read on Wikipedia by pressing here This story was one of my favourites as a little girl. Being the youngest in a household of seven, taught me a lot about empathy with those at the bottom of the pecking order 🙂 Goldilocks is trying things out to see what suits her best (what is “just right”) – the porridge, the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

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We recently had a lovely couple of days away in Albany, Western Australia. While there we visited the Western Australian Museum. I found something that fits the category of FOREIGN very well! It is a piece of Mundrabilla Meteorite. Thanks to Mr Albert John Carlyle, who received an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his efforts in finding meteorites, this piece is on public display in Albany, Western Australia. It weighs about 3.5 tons and […]

WordPress topic for today – One thing I hope others never say about me

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SHE CAN’T BE TRUSTED! It is really important to me that other people trust me. I had a great working environment once where the Manager and I were on the same wavelength and everything was going swimmingly. Unfortunately she became ill and was replaced. The new Manager was a real control freak and questioned me about everything thing I did and about my motivations for doing it! I found it really hard to take and […]

The most precious thing I ever lost…

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WordPress are once again providing some topics to help bloggers with ideas to write about. Today’s prompt is “What is the most precious thing you have ever lost?” I haven’t lost many THINGS over the years. I do remember losing a solitaire diamond once while out looking in a furniture store. I wasn’t too bothered about it. Material things can usually be replaced – maybe not right away but eventually! I did get a new […]

What you think about kids in adult-oriented places?

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WordPress presented a challenge today on a divisive issue – “what do we think about children being in adult-oriented places?” Generally speaking, I think that children, if accompanied by a responsible adult, should be able to access any venue. I know this is a complex issue because no-one enjoys it when children misbehave in public, however if they don’t have the opportunity to learn, how will they ever know what is expected of them in […]

In search of whales, again…

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Today we went to Cape Naturaliste hoping to see some whales after our unsuccessful attempt last week. We started out at about 10.00am on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. The diverse vegetation was very colourful, especially against the backdrop of the blue sky and the ocean. We could see almost 180 degrees of the Indian Ocean – an amazing sight. It was incredibly calm as well. The whales use the area as a nursery for […]

One born every minute…

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Have you seen the BBC program called “One Born Every Minute”? It is a real life experience in the maternity ward in an English hospital. There are expectant mums, dads, grandmas, sisters and other assorted relatives! The filming is pretty graphic so it is not for the faint-hearted. I went through labour three times myself so I have empathy with the women in labour. It is a wondrous and terrifying event. So, why do we […]

Online vs real relationships?

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  I just read a blog written by a friend of mine,  discussing the benefits of having online relationships as compared to “real” relationships. You can read the article If you click here. I think Jacinta’s blog raises some excellent points and I hope you will have a quick look – it is easy and interesting reading and it will help Jacinta gain some leverage online! There are as many types of online relationships to […]