Should Alan Jones be taken off air at radio 2GB

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English: Julia Gillard

English: Julia Gillard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alan Jones, talk back radio host, has greatly offended many people in Australia today in a Mitt Romney style blunder. He was speaking to a group of  young Liberals (conservatives) and attacked our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard not knowing his speech was secretly being recorded. Many of you will know that her parents were hard working people who moved to Australia from Wales for a better life for their children. Their daughter, Julia, won the highest office in Australia by becoming our first female Prime Minister.

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  1. What I would most like to see is evidence that Alan Jones actually understands the reasons for community outrage.

  2. Hi Ted, That is a really good point you make and I suspect he doesn’t know why people are upset. Your perspective is more compassionate than mine 🙂

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