Ever felt alone in the world? You aren’t!

OK – I admit they WON the Grand Final for 2012 though!

I am prone to wondering who I am since resigning from full-time employment. I find myself talking about my old job and saying “we” did this or that. There is no such thing as “we ” anymore. A lot people I worked with have retired or moved onto other jobs. My memories of the workplace are carved in stone for me – not hindered by time or place. It got me thinking about how powerful the word “we” is and how many sub groups we can belong to – and we don’t always have to sign a membership form!

Firstly the meaning of the word: We (pronoun – Ist person plural) – Compact Oxford English Dictionary

  1. Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.People in general
  2. Used in formal situations for or by a royal person, or by a writer to , to refer to himself or herself.
  3. You (used in a superior way)

ORIGIN  Old English

We can be used to describe an inclusive group that share the same characteristics,

  • employment titles such as engineers, nurses, I.T. professionals
  • union groups – retailers association
  • introverts and extroverts
  • members of a board or committee such a Rotary International
  • members of political parties
  • members of government or opposition
  • constituents in an Electorate area
  • members of a family – mother, daughter, aunt, father, son
  • members of a street such King George Street residents
  • members of a country or race – English, Polish, American, Libyan
  • informal groups such as a circle of friends
  • members of a religious group
  • members of an industry group – financiers, cleaners
  • interest groups – bird watchers,
  • a group with similar physical features – fat, skinny, beautiful
  • hair colour – blonde jokes
  • health status – diabetic, mentally ill
  • status on the internet such as blogger
  • supporters of football/cricket clubs

Can you think of any subgroups I forgot? I am sure there are lots 🙂